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North Korea media launches anti-Japan campaign

Pyongyang: North Korean media has launched a large-scale anti-Japanese propaganda campaign, demanding from Tokyo apologies and compensations for atrocious crimes of the past.

The leading party newspaper Rodong Shinmun, the Korean Central News Agency, the government Minju Choson newspaper, experts from the Academy of Sciences and other governmental, public and scientific organisations take part in the campaign.

The Rodong Shinmun noted yesterday that 100 years ago, Japan rudely fabricated the so-called Annexation Treaty and other documents practically establishing Japanese protectorate, which five years later resulted in the occupation of the whole Korean peninsula.

As a result, "the Japanese authorities created in Korea colonial rule, while its citizens found themselves in the situation of slaves," the newspaper stressed. It emphasised that Japanese imperialists "are bitter enemies of the Korean nation”.

Japan's attempts to justify its criminal past only strengthen Korean's determination "to reckon with it".

KCNA said that patriotically minded Koreans who sought national independence and participated in anti-Japanese fight were to be annihilated. Those who spoke in favour of the observance of most elementary rights of Koreans were arrested and tortured.

"The damage caused to Korea during the Japanese occupation is incalculable," the news agency stressed.

It warned that the people and Army of North Korea "are resolute to make Japan pay for its past crimes". Tokyo "must apologise for the crimes during the period of colonial rule in Korea and pay a compensation," KCNA wrote.

The North Korean Foreign Ministry says "Japan must abandon attempts to rewrite history and revive militarism, and it also must stop hostile policy against the DPRK".

The Foreign Ministry demands from Tokyo to abandon Tokyo's unjustified claims for a small group of Tokto islands. North Korean diplomats say that only by fulfilling these demands, Japan "will be able to make contribution to the strengthening of peace and stability in the region, as well as ensure its own security".

Source: zeenews
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