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[101120-101121] Zhou Mi's Weibo Updates & [101120] Nichkhun's Call to Donghae on QTCTW


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It's the weekend, after debuting I no longer have the concept of working days and weekends like before~ Suddenly feel like having Chinese food...
13:40 GMT +8 (14:40 KST)

谢谢台湾的歌迷 ,让我第一时间看到专辑内页里我给安七炫前辈写的三首歌词~尤其大家对《记得》的反应很好,很开心!
Thank you to the Taiwanese fans , (for) allowing me to see the lyrics for the three songs that I wrote for Ahn Chilhyun* sunbae's album at the first moment~ Everyone's reactions were especially good towards 《Remember》, I'm really happy!

Conversation with Fish Leong
Fish Leong: Xiao Mi, didn't know that you knew how to write lyrics.. Write for me next time! hahahaha
Zhou Mi: Wa wa, Jingru jie is here to support me, I'm really happy! Haha really hope that I have the honor to work with you^^
Fish Leong: (You're) not allowed to call (me) jie... OMG Can only call me FISH please....
Zhou Mi: hahahaha~got it ~ I'll immediately change it,FISH~

Conversation with Ken Wu Jian Heng
Ken Wu: Talented, all the best!
Zhou Mi: Thank you Jian Heng ge for your support^^~
* Words like these are originally typed in English.
* Ahn Chilhyun = Kangta's real name
15:45 GMT +8 (16:45 KST)

我准备从歌唱界转战舞坛,周舞坛~哈哈 //@刘晏辰Julius:回复@周觅_SJM:天啊 你哪里是谐星 明明是偶像派! //@周觅_SJM:回复@刘晏辰Julius:是的,你现在往谐星方面发展的速度比我快!我不开心了~
I'm preparing to switch from the singing industry to conquer the dancing arena, Zhou dancing arena~ Haha // @Julius Lau: @Zhou Mi: My god(,) which part of you is a comedian(?) You're evidently an idol! // @Zhou Mi: @Julius Lau: Yes, your progress towards being a comedian is more rapid than me! I'm unhappy~

In reply to:

Dongbei dialect version of 【Confession】~~~ it's too funny!!! ~~~~ frm local version of 《High School Musical》
18:21 GMT +8 (19:21 KST)

In the eyes of others, you're never as important as how you view yourself through your eyes, (this is) a phrase that I remembered while reading a book years ago, it's really sensible! The Earth can still rotate no matter who goes missing~
20:48 GMT +8 (21:48 KST)

Weibo is really understanding for having a screening function, this can be implemented!
21:22GMT +8 (22:22 KST)

A friend asked me if I'm happy as an artist just now, and I replied "Very happy". They were quite shocked, hehe, too bad that the person they asked is me, being an artist had enabled me to try many different things, and I shouldn't do things that I would regret, this is my dream, and I'm reaching my goal... I had prepared the next surprise, and would like to let you guys see it soon
22:10 GMT+8 (KST 23:10)


今天演唱会加油啊!GSS!!!成功! //@梁静茹:各路英雄 都來祝賀^^//@管啟源:加油加油,祝演唱會成功 // @张智成 :先感謝各路英雄的祝福 // @伍冠諺 :加油。成功的啦 // @易桀齐Jet :北京的朋友,準備好了嗎? // @方炯镔 : @张智成 11月21日 北京星光现场音乐厅“至诚挚爱”首场
All the best for today's concert! GSS!!! Success! // @Fish Leong: Everyone's coming to congratulate you^^ // @Guan Qi Yuan: Jiayou jiayou, hope that your concert will be a success // @Z-Chen Zhang: Thanking everyone in advance for your wishes // @Wu Guan Yan: Jiayou. It'll be a success // @Jet Yi Jet Qi: Friends in Beijing, are you ready? // @Fang Jiong Bin: @Z-Chen November 21st "True Love" first stage at the Star Live Beijing

In reply to:
November 21st is tomorrow, still in the middle of rehearsals, in the middle of the charity race, spread the love
13:42 GMT +8 (14:42 KST)

On stage (I'm) a celebrity, off stage (I'm) a normal person, learning to experience life, I've done it; being courteous depends on the situation, but I'm not a petty person, it's quite good to be yourself!
13:51 GMT +8 (14:51 KST)

[101120] Nichkhun's Call to Donghae on Quiz to Change the World

Uploaded by sujuism01. - Watch original web videos.

101120 Translation:
Source: Zhou Mi's Weibo
Translated by eternalsnow & (L) @
Please take out with FULL and proper credits.
Do NOT hotlink images; upload them to your own server.

101121 Translation:
Source: Zhou Mi's Weibo
Translated by eternalsnow @
Please take out with full and proper credits, with no modifications whatsoever.

Call to Donghae:

i usually find sukira translations/heechul's tweets' translations to put up, but there haven't been any lately. so, i've put up zhou mi weibo updates. i like some of the stuff he's written. you can tell he likes expressing his thoughts. it's really refreshing (: since he updates so frequently, you can expect me to put up quite a few translations, if y'll don't mind!
Tags: 2pm, donghae, nichkhun, super junior, super junior-m, tv shows

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