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2PM Nichkhun’s drinking and sleeping habits were unveiled on the latest episode of MBC’s “Quiz That Changed The World.”

2AM’s Seulong revealed Nichkhun’s strangely cute drinking habit. He shared, “Nichkhun gets a bit touchy-feely after drinking. I woke up one morning after having a drink the previous night, and found a lipstick kiss mark on my cheek.” The ‘kisser’ was revealed to be Nichkhun, who apologized to Seulong the day after the incident.

Teasing Nichkhun a little more, Changmin also talked about Nichkhun’s sleeping habits. “Nichkhun was drunk when I returned home from a reception at a JYP workshop, and he was sleep talking in Thai.” Changmin then imitated Nichkhun’s sleepy babble, causing the other cast members on stage to crack up with laughter.

Seulong had a bad first impression of Junho because…?

On the November 20th broadcast of MBC’s “Quiz That Changed The World,” 2AM’s Seulong shared his first impression of 2PM’s Junho from back in the day:

“I had a negative first impression of Junho because he resembled Rain. He even mimicked his walking style! I even approached Junho one time, thinking that he was Rain.”

Junho shrugged off the topic with an embarrassed smile, and later made his fans swoon with a sexy dance performance.

Yet Seulong wasn’t alone in having a bad first impression of a groupmate during their One Day period. Jo Kwon, who was also a guest on the show, recalled his first impression of Nichkhun, and jokingly said, ”I had a bad first impression of him because he was way too handsome.”

watch the show here

The sweetest guy Nichkhun. What would it feel like to spend Christmas with him?

We meet Nichkhun in a commercial filming set and he has a new partner.
The girl's name: Lee Yena
PD: Do you like Nichkhun-oppa?
Yena: Yes.
PD: How much?

Khun: Oh, she gave me her heart. We've met in the waiting room
and she gave this to me... Do you like me?
Yena: I love Nichkhun.

Khun's popularity is big probably because of the way he behaves
around kids and in general.

Q: Are members jealous when you shoot solo commercials?

Khun: Probably not. Because we all get paid anyways. I'm
earning our salary.

Khun shows certain charms which are common only to him.

WGM part.

Q: Do you contact Victoria often?

Khun: Rather frequently. Not every single day, but in simple
messages like "Today's schedule was packed, please rest".

Scene from older interview "Do you want to spend Christmas
with members of with Victoria?
" Junho: We'll send him away.

Q: Whom do you want to spend Christmas with more?

Khun: *&$ spend together (*&*(Ah, words don't come out
It would be good to spend together with everyone.

Recently Khun had a cameo in sitcom. How did he find it?

Khun: It was very interesting. I really want to try acting
but I don't think I have enough confidence to do it.

Q: What kind of role would you like to play?

Khun: Watching "Fugitive" with Bi-hyung, I find it really
fascinating so I would also like to take part in action

Nichkhun's charms - his self-photos.

Q: Why do you take so many selcas?

Khun: It's just that the fans are curious of our daily
appearance, so I just wanted to show laid-back image.

PD: But it always looks like from a photoshoot.

Khun: Actually I always take a few shots and pick the best
one to upload.

How to take a good selca. Khun's advice.

If you take a shot from right up front, the face
might come out slightly bigger. So better to take a shot
from a 45 degree angle.

And don't smile too much. If you smile too much, the eyes
come out slightly wonky.

Khun and Moon Mason.

Khun: I've heard before that we look alike, but it seems
like as time passes he grows to look more and more
like me.

Ever since my trainee days I've heard I look a lot like Moon
Geun Young. So during our concert we had Cinderella's Sister
parody made, and I played Moon Geun Young's character.
I think that we do look alike quite a lot.

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