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Hyesung and Eric Are Interviewed Together, Apparently They're No Longer Oil And Water

Bugs Music Interviews Shin Hyesung and Eric Mun

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There is a '1st generation idol group' which made its debut 12 years ago, and yet is still as popular as 2PM or Super Junior. As the name says, the legend of idols, Shinhwa's Shin Hyesung and Eric have come together.

'Hello and Goodbye' is a song which contains Shin Hyesung's touching vocals, Eric's soft rap and Nam Gyuri's voice. Bugs has interviewed Shin Hyesung, who has re-started his Korean activities, and Eric, who was released a bit earlier than the soon-to-be-released Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan.

6 Legends Revived

Q. Hello, I'm so happy to hear that the two of you are releasing a song together. It's been a long time since Hyesung released a song, and Eric was released not a long time ago. Please tell us what you've been up to.

A. Hyesung : Hello, Bugs family members, this is Shin Hyesung. It's been a long time since I've greeted you. During all this time I've been busy with overseas performances and my Asia promotion fanmeeting, and I am working hard on the concert I'm having in December and the recording for my 4th album to be released in January next year. I'm nervous and also looking forward to the release of this new song, and I want to have a good time at my concert with many fans.

Eric : Hello, this is Eric. I was released a while ago, and after working on this digital single I'm busy with filming for the drama 'Poseidon' to be aired next year. Because it is a piece I'm working on for the first time in 2 years, I am doing my best. Hope you look forward to it.

Q. Can you please describe the song 'Hello and Goodbye?' And tell us whether you have anything you personally want us to focus on.

A. Hyesung : The digital single 'Hello and Goodbye' is a song made by one of the best composers Kim Kunwoo and one of the best writers, Kang Eunkyung. The medium tempo ballad song gives a feeling contrary to the sad lyrics, and I believe it is a song which goes well with winter.
Also, by using the ambiguous word 'Annyong' (*Explained in notes for lyrics translation in the Lyrics Box if you're interested) the lyrics express sadly the start and end of a love, and I hope you listen for the harmony of Eric's rap, Nam Gyuri's featuring, and my voice.

Q. I believe it would have been a long time since you recorded with each other until now, and especially for Eric it would have been a long time since you've recorded anything at all. Was there anything awkward in being together or are there any anecdotes you would like to share with us?

A. Eric : It's been a long time since I've recorded a song, but I've also been active for a long time, and because I was working with Shin Hyesung, who I'm comfortable with, recording was enjoyable rather than awkward.

Hyesung & Eric

Q. After hearing that you were going to release a song together, I remembered how you said on a show that you are awkward around each other. Have you become any closer since then (Laugh)? Also, if you would pick two members who are the most awkward around each other, who would it be?

A. Hyesung : I don't know. Because we're all so much like brothers now no one's awkward around anyone, and I believe we're actually becoming closer to each other as the years go by. I try hard to contact often those members who are currently in the military.

Q. I heard that the tickets for Hyesung's December concert was sold out in 10 minutes. Tell us how you felt, and please tell us something about the concert to come.

A. Hyesung : First I would like to say thank you to my fans. This concert is being held in the meaningful place where I held my first fanmeeting, and I gave it the title 'Close to You' to mean that I wish to share feelings with my fans more. I plan to rearrange my original songs with an acoustic band and a strings team, and I am preparing some pop songs which fit with winter. Hope you look forward to it.

Q. Eric has been cast for a role in the drama Poseidon. The actors lined up for it along with Eric such as Kim Kangwoo, U-Know Yunho, Kim Okbin, and the recent issue Korean classical music high schooler Kim Kayoung are impressive. Are you feeling any pressure because of the expectations you're receiving even before filming, and also because it's your first work since your release?

A. Eric : Of course it gives me pressure but as much as it pressures me I'm looking forward to it. Because my passion and eagerness towards acting in dramas has increased during the last 2 years, I plan to return to my original intentions and try my best for this piece. That is why I am working harder on filming and I hope the results after it's broadcast come out well.

Q. It's already been 12 years since Shinhwa made its debut. Compared to 10 years ago, what has changed and what has remained the same?

A. Hyesung : Well first of all we're older (Laugh). If anything's different, it would be that the members are working hard in their own areas with solo albums or acting. But we all have the same thought that we are 'Shinhwa.' It's difficult to say exactly when, but the 6 of us are definitely going to come together and stand on stage under the name 'Shinhwa.'

Q. Shinhwa is still the legend of idols. These days many idol groups are making their debuts. Are there any boy idol bands which remind you of how Shinhwa used to be, or any bands which just catch your eye for no reason? (Laugh)

A. Hyesung : It wouldn't be too much to say that these days idols rule the market. There are many groups which are great but seeing the performances and dances of '2PM' or Beast remind me of Shinhwa. They also remind me of Shinhwa because they're good at both singing and dancing and work hard (Laugh).

Also, among girl groups, Girls Generation and Kara are popular in Japan. I am proud of them and wish to compliment them on their good work.

Q. Lastly, please tell us your plans for the future and leave us a message for your fans.

A. Hyesung : I will be meeting my fans through the digital album 'Hello and Goodbye' and also through my concert to be held on December 4th~5th. Next year my 4th album will be released so please look forward to it. I will try to show you a better me on stage, and I hope you like the digital single 'Hello and Goodbye.' Thank you.

Eric : I am very thankful to those fans who sent their love despite my 2 year hiatus. I plan to meet everyone with a better me through dramas and other diverse activities, so I hope you look forward to it. I hope you like the digital single, and be careful of colds thank you.^^

Credits: orisic @ shinhwa.biz

They're so cute! And it's interesting hearing that they're no longer awkward together. I also love how Hyesung said he tries to keep in contact with the other members. Shinhwa love. ♥

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