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Three best fucking articles on the best fucking five

KARA to reveal their daily lives through “D-day KARA”

With KARA currently preparing for their comeback, cable channel Y-STAR will be airing KARA’s day-to-day activities through their special “D-day KARA” episodes.
Through the show, fans will be able to see detailed footage of the members’ personal lives along with behind-the-scenes cuts from their “Jumping” music video. Naturally, the show will also air personal interviews with each of the members.
Their music video (released on November 10th) has already been attracting high levels of attention amongst fans, but the interest will skyrocket once the behind-the-scenes cuts are aired. Fans will be able to see how furiously the members are trying to memorize both Korean and Japanese lyrics, and their cute reactions whenever they make a mistake.

Nicole will also be briefly talking about her popular nickname, ‘bare forehead Nicole.’ Regarding the hairstyle change, she commented, “I worried a lot about exposing my forehead. Now that I have, it’s really refreshing.” Fellow member Seungyeon added, “Nicole has a bit of a forehead complex since her debut and worried a lot about exposing her forehead. Now that she has, she’s able to try the beautiful hairstyles she’s always wanted to.”

Regarding the group’s first attempt at ‘emotional acting’ for their music video, Seungyeon stated, “Maybe it’s because I’m older now, but I cry more often. I cry while watching documentaries, I cry while watching the 9 o’clock news. I must be getting old… It’s not hard to conjure sad emotions if I focus enough. I’m 24 next year and still get treated like the youngest in our group!”
The show will broadcast on November 20th.

KARA to auction off personal items for charity

The ladies of KARA have apparently created a charitable fund on their online shopping mall, ‘Karaya‘. In order to garner funds for the charity they’re sponsoring, members Park Gyuri, Goo Hara, and Kang Jiyoung will be auctioning off clothes and accessories from their activities in Japan.

All items will start off as 10 cents, and the auctions will end on the 30th of November. All proceeds will go to the charity, ‘Blue Neighbor‘, which caters to the needs of orphanages and convalescent homes.

Meanwhle, they’ll be performing on the 19th on Asahi TV’s music program “Music Station“, before flying back to Korea on the 20th to debut their new single ”Jumping” through “Music Core.”

Shindong and Gyuri to throw a party for test takers

Super Junior's Shindong and Kara's Gyuri's Shim Shim Ta Pa will throw a party for all students who took the college entrance exam.

The party starts at 12:30 AM on the night of the test. They will even provide 3 boxes of food for a limited number of people, first come first serve. They've requested that all students bring their test receipt and a parent and to meet them at one of the fields near MBC. Gyuri has reminded fans that they need to bundle up nice and warm because it will be freezing outside.

Shindong and Gyuri will be MCing for the whole party, so it will be a well-deserved chance for all the test takers to wash their stress away after their hard test. Would you like to go to a party hosted by Shindong and Gyuri?
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