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BFF Kara's Girl's Talk preview + Cole's Pimps + Megami worshipping

KARA debuted in the Japanese music industry only earlier this year, but they’ve already established themselves as a popular girl group. Ranking in the top 5 on the charts with  ”Mister” and “Jumping“, anticipation for their first original album has been steadily increasing as the release date edges nearer.
Titled, “Girl’s Talk“, the tracklist and jacket covers were already unveiled in the first week of November. Yet previews for each individual track have just been revealed, and it’s sounding like the album could be a big hit!

Check out the preview for “Girl’s Talk”, as well as a translated message from the girls below:

KARA: “Hello to everyone watching ‘Countdown TV‘, we are KARA! It’s nice to meet you!”
Park Gyuri: “On November 24th, we will be releasing our first original album, “Girl’s Talk”.”
Han Seungyeon: “The contents of this album make it seem as if we are enjoying some fun girl talk.”

Goo Hara: “Please enjoy all the tracks from the album, even though it’s only a short preview!”


1. Jumping
2. Mister
3. Baby I Need You
4. Sweet Days
5. SOS
6. Love Is
7. Binks
8. Umbrella
9. Burn
10. Lupin

Source: AKP, Youtube| Soknighttwo

Nicole further proving she saved the universe in a previous life
The reference is from netizen comments on Nicole tweeting Joe Jang:

"Fans commented, “I knew they were close, but seeing it like this stings my heart,” “Jaejoong, why are you so nice!,” “Nicole is close with Yunho, too. Did she save a country in her previous life?and “I like Nicole. I must be cool, I don’t feel anything from reading this.”

Uhuhu I'm totally small kekekek These 2 are just totally huge!
Ooh hoo hoot super short ke ke ke The both of them are super tallㅜ!
Sources: Tweety's Twitter, AKP for the lols

Two translations because one makes for a necessary that's-what-she-said reference >_____>
...and watch your hands Godwoon lol

Gyuri-yeoshin thanks Kamilia, earth experiences temporary world peace

I'm thankful..^^ Really amused.. and today's Inkigayo too~! hehehe Kamillia daebak >_<

As explained by the wonderful Benben@Karaholic, "Gyuri’s tweet was for us Kamilias, seeing #JumpKaraJump trending worldwide"
#JumpKaraJump trended at 4 and 5 for Mucore/Inkigayo comebacks \o/

Best for last, this is the closest you'll ever get to marrying Megami-sama

This is personal photo taken unrelated to the calender concept during last trip to Thailand for Calender pictorial photo-shooting
Sources: both Gyul-pics from her twitter, Trans. 1 by Benben@KH, 2 by Aank1@KH
 Translations not up in KH yet, or else I fail at searching.

I expect 10,000 comments for the last pic alone, thank you for subscribing to notyourgeisha's quality BFF posts.
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