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Artiste Profile: Lee Sunmin (선민)

Name Lee Sunmin 선민
Birthday August 4, 1987
Hometown Daegu
Label (Japan) Victor Entertainment
Label (Korea) Liveworks (formerly worked with Good)

Who she is
Sunmin was born in Daegu and at thirteen was inspired by a Christina Aguilera live to become a singer. She received training and made a demo tape. Finding her way to Japan, she studied the language and made an official debut with Victor Entertainment in July 2009. Her debut single was entitled SunMin thanX Kubota, which featured a collaborative track (Keep Holding U) with Toshinobu Kubota. The song was used in the Japanese movie Japan Sinks. Later that year she promoted the Korean version of the song with Shinhwa's Shin Hyesung.

Most of her emphasis has been in Japan. She spent a lot of her time performing lives and released five more singles. She also released a mini-album aptly titled "Cover Girl," with a collection of covered songs, all in English. Her final Japanese release to date was a full-length album entitled "Brand New Girl."

In 2009 she made her return to Korea with Good Entertainment, promoting "Superwoman" and "Miss" (early 2010). This year she she made a move from Good Entertainment to Liveworks, following in Shin Hyesung's footsteps. She released "Rainbow Bridge," written by famous songwriter Steve Barakett.

This year, she is also making a musical debut, starring as Lucy in Jekyll & Hyde. Interpark anticipates her performance, describing her as Korea's Beyonce.

Why she should be relevant

It's really hard to describe Sunmin because it's so hard to find information on her. She smiles a lot and seems really optimistic. For a while, she was really talkative, constantly updating her blog on her official Japanese site. She has a gorgeous, human-sized body (or did, until she returned to Korea and lost a ton of weight) and her breasts at a point could have rivaled G.Na's. She's also a fan of BoA, which means she has good taste. But most important to note is that her voice is distinctive and powerful. Honestly, there's none other like it in Kpop. Her lives speak for her amazing talent.

In the post, I've linked to plenty of live - both her own songs and covers (for 2NE1 fans, she did a cover of "You and I"). Nearly every performance I've ever seen of hers is perfect. I really hope everyone will give her a listen. Now that she's moved from Good Entertainment (which I think was seriously wasting her talent with its poor promotion) to Liveworks, it seems she's becoming a lot more active in the Korean music scene. Not only is she appearing in more programs but she's even branching out into musicals. I hope she'll meet with a lot more success even after this year is up - she really deserves it!

Discography (Japan)

20060705: Keep Holding U
featured in the movie Nihon Chinbotsu (Sinking of Japan)(2006)

20061206: Love In, Love Out
Koi no Kiseki (????) ending for a Fuji TV program
Love In, Love Out
Koi no Kiseki (????) (backtrack)
Love In, Love Out (backtrack)

20070228: Love You./The Rose
Love You opening for a Fuji TV program
The Rose theme for a Tokai Television Broadcasting program & cover Bette Midler

20070822: Starting Story
Starting Story
Yasashiku utte (???????) cover of Killing Me Softly With His Song
Starting Story (backtrack)

20080823: Another Wish
Another Wish
Another Wish (backtrack)
Still (backtrack)

20081015: Will
I Have Nothing cover of Whitney Houston
Will (backtrack)
I Have Nothing (backtrack)
Ichi no Komoriuta (a capella) (?????)

20080827: Cover Girl
all covers, of course
Got to Be Real (Cheryl Lynn)
The Rose (Bette Midler)
Mitsumeteitai Every Breath You Take (???????) (The Police)
I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston)
My Funny Valentine (Babes in Arms musical)
Yasashiku Utatte Killing Me Softly With His Song (???????) (Roberta Flack)
Love Takes Time (Mariah Carey)

20081217: Brand New Girl
Brand New
Another Wish
Starting Story
Love You.
Love In, Love Out
???? (Koi no Kiseki; Miracle of Love)
Keep Holding U (SunMin thanX Kubota)

Discography (Korea)

20060912: Sun Min thanX Hyesung - Keep Holding U
Keep Holding U (With Hyesung)
Keep Holding U (Inst.)
?? ? ??? (Inst.)

20090925: Superwoman (digital single)

20100217: Miss (digital single)

20100930: SunMin meets with Steve Barakatt
Rainbow Bridge

2010: Gloria OST

Music Videos
Love You
Will (special full version)
Rainbow Bridge
Starting Story
Another Wish
Keep Holding U (with Hyesung)
Keep Holding U (with Kubota)

The Rose
Keep Holding U w/Hyesung
Keep Holding U w/Kubota
Miss & Superwoman
Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge (ft. MBLAQ Seungho)
Keep Holding You (acoustic live) (audio only)
Another Wish (acoustic live) (audio only)
Someone Like You (from Jekyll & Hyde musical showcase)

Listen - Beyonce
Listen - Beyonce
Listen - Beyonce (at Hyesung's concert)
You & I - Park Bom (2NE1)
Flower of Snow - Nakashima Mika
If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys
Honesty - Beyonce version
Love... That Guy - Bobby Kim
Every Breath You Take - The Police
Sunmin & K.Will on 1000 Songs Challenge [2]
Sunmin & K.Will on 1000 Songs Challenge

Wikipedia page here

Note: I didn't do this. Someone left this in my inbox asking me to post this on her behalf so I cannot take any credit.

Meanwhile, I will be making a post soon regarding Artist Profiles. We have a couple in the queue waiting to be posted. But for now if you have any band or actor that you would like to write up on, drop me a PM or email us.
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