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This Is A Jo Kwon/Ga In Post!

Ga-In confesses she enjoys filming ‘We Got Married’ the most

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In, who’s become a triple threat with her ventures in singing, acting, and guesting on variety shows, recently revealed that she has the most fun when filming ‘We Got Married’.

On this week’s episode of MBC’s ‘Good Day‘, Ga-In confessed, “There was a time when I didn’t get much sleep. I was really busy from having to perform at a Japanese concert, record our album, shoot ‘We Got Married’, and even film for ‘All My Love‘.”

When asked which schedule she enjoyed the most, Ga-In expressed, “To be honest, ‘We Got Married’ is the most enjoyable, because it’s not tiring. I like it the most because I get to play around and be my true self.”

Regarding her new sitcom, the singer said, “At the moment, I feel it’s more difficult than it is fun, so I still get nervous. You never know though – once I get used to it, sitcom filming might become the most enjoyable.”

Ga-In is currently acting as a main character for the daily sitcom, “All My Love”, alongside her ‘We Got Married’ ‘husband’, 2AM’s Jo Kwon.

cr. AKP

Jo Kwon, "I would also like to try and act in a movie."

2AM's Jo Kwon revealed his wish that he would like to try and act in a movie.

On MBC "Happy Day" aired on the 24th, Jo Kwon revealed his ambition and said, "I intend to act in a drama or a movie."

Jo Kwon said, "If I'm allowed to be greedy, I don't want to do only sitcom, but I would like to try my hands on conventional drama. Later on I would also like to do a movie." Then he added, "If someday I get to act in a movie, I want to do sort of a sad story between a mother and her son or a 'heartfelt' and sad story with a dog."

Meanwhile, at the moment Jo Kwon was recording MBC's sitcom "All My Love."

Source: NATE
Trans cr: suzelle@IAMfor2AM

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