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SM/MNET feud: MAMA wants BoA as a peace offering

A reconciliation mood is being produced between Mnet and SM Entertainment, which are in the second year of having a deteriorated relationship. The issue of the appearance of SM's representative singer BoA at Mnet's Asian Music Award (from hereon referred to as MAMA), which is being held on the 28th at Macau, is also in the midst of being discussed.

In the case of rescheduling, performance-adjustment, etc. being worked out smoothly, the atmosphere indicates that an appearance is for certain. Currently the two sides have had 1~2 meetings and have given and received gestures of reconciliation. BoA's MAMA appearance is expected to become the symbol of the changed relationship between the two companies.

In regards to Sports Khan's question, a representative of Mnet answered on the 24th, "It is true that positive dialogue for a reconciliation is being exchanged," and in addition said of the careful situation, "There is not much time left until MAMA, schedule amendment, etc. are required, and some readjustment process remains, so it is not at the point at which to state that BoA's appearance is confirmed."

The two sides have shared an uncomfortable relationship during this period due to a variety of issues such as song distribution and appearance problems. When SM boycotted the MAMA ceremony held in 2009 Mnet publicly invited 'JYJ,' the three-member team from TVXQ in legal dispute with SM, and were in sharp conflict. The situation of that time was then roused when the service of all songs released from SM by singers such as TVXQ, Girls' Generation, Super Junior, SHINee, and f(x) was discontinued on Mnet-operated music site '' No songs of singers under SM could be found on '' for over a year.

A source from the entertainment industry said, "It appears that the companies have recently recognized the need for reconciliation," and "This year's MAMA will be the opportunity to see the transformation in the relationship that had been deteriorating."

source: sports khan
translation: live laugh love @ soompi

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