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Hints at big bang's MV and the confusing countdown?

This is taken from Paula's blog from Sweden, who's currently living in Seoul. She attended and participated at G-Dragon and T.O.P's HIGH HIGH MV Party last Saturday. Read on~

Yesterday I went to the music video party for TOP and G-dragon’s new single High High, set in a club on the theme Mile High Club. And just like my friend Mac, who was one of the organizers of the event (Seoulcilite Agency), said when I asked what the Mile High Club is, I say “if you don’t know – Google it.”

Apart from the fact that I was totally not in a mood for party this night, it was really well organized and I think people were having an awesome time. Not only did I see many of my friends there completely unexpectedly, I also saw far more celebrities than I thought I would. The rest of Big Bang was there as well, hanging out in the bar.

TOP and G-dragon performed a couple of songs, including their new song High High, which was great – like a mini concert.
They were looking awesome as always although they had both new hairstyles I wasn’t that into: TOP had a new blond do, and G-dragon had an afro. Of course he pulled it off – he is G-dragon after all, but he usually looks a lot hotter. The whole setup was fantastic. The invitation card was made into looking like a passports, the club was filled with party-happy people, and a bunch of models were dressed as flight stewardesses. Hot!

(Part 2) Yesterday was one of those crazy unexpected nights in Seoul. I had just finished the photo shoot I wrote in the last post about – relaxing, eating cookies and watching TV. My friend Mac, who was one of the people organizing TOP and GD’s music video the night before, sends me a chat message on Facebook. He tells me that actually only half of the music video was the party, and that they were going to continue shooting close-up’s and such in a few hours. I said I was tired and didn’t feel like another party, but Mac said that it was only going to be a few people, quite relaxed, and that I could come and hang out if I wanted to. So, I thought I might as well, as I didn’t have any plans the next day. I put a little bit of makeup on and got into a taxi. Of course I was there too early as always, so I was just hanging out with the boys waiting for some other girls to arrive. After chilling out for a bit, watching TOP, G-dragon and the other boys play around on the Segway someone brought for amusement, I suddenly found out that I was going to be in the video.

To make the whole story short I was suddenly getting changed, from my cozy normal clothes into a short black leather dress and high high heels, that made me feel like a dominatrix. In a few minutes I was dancing and (pretend) flirting with TOP, together with three other girls in similar outfits. They were, by the way, really nice and we had some good talks throughout this six hour session. Around three o’clock the Korean models that were supposed to be dressed in bunny suits, dancing with G-dragon refused to put on the outfits because they were too sexy, so Mac asked me if I could do it instead. After a whole day of being half naked in the cold on a rooftop (with a previous modeling experience), I didn’t mind a bunny suit. So there I was, all of a sudden, dancing away with GD pretending to be cute and sexy. Not that I would think of my tomboyish manners being either of those things in general, but Mac told me afterwards he was proud, so I guess they all approved.

This day was really long. But I made a bunch of new friends, got to talk to both G-dragon and TOP, and I have now for the first time in my life been wearing a bunny suit. Quite a weird day indeed.

Source: NoonablogBigbangVIP

I'm thoroughly amused at how she manages to maintain such a "what a weird day indeed" tone while the rest of us fangirls would be so......  maybe that's why they chose her HAHA.

So what does this mean?

You know  we have been getting lots of news and videos about 2NE1 working with Black Eyed Peas.
Now, Black Eyed Peas is coming out with a new album, “The Beginning” on November 30th and they even set up a countdown in their official website that looks similar with YG’s countdown posted via YG-Life blog..

So, does this mean 2NE1 is featured in Black Eyed Peas’ new album “The Beginning”?

Let’s wait and see on November 30th..

Also, here’s one of the songs in the album, “The Beginning”..
It’s “Do it Like this” 


take note of Will.I.Am's verse at 0:44

Source: letsplay2ne1 + blackeyedpeas +yglife + RapLikeMagic at youtube.

from what people can make out it says something like 

I’m straight killin who…(something)
21and over aint messin with ju(something)
always talking about ‘I ain’t no groupie’

... yeah

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