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Korean group BIG BANG has filed a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court against Oakla Publishing over unauthorized use of their image and name in a magazine. The group is seeking an injunction against the sale of the magazine, along with approximately 30 million yen in damages.

In October, Oakla released a special magazine titled “Saishun K-POP Star Tokubetsu Henshu BIG BANG.” According to the lawsuit, Oakla did not obtain permission to use the images and names of the group’s members. Because this is a commercial use of their identity, it would count as an infringement on their right to publicity.

Oakla was unable to comment by the time of the news report, due to the absence of the person in charge of the project.

This is not the first time that the publisher has been sued for unauthorized use of someone’s likeness. Korean actor Bae Yong Joon also filed a suit previously with the Tokyo District Court, and last month Oakla was ordered to pay 4.4 million yen in damages.

Source: Sankei Sports 
Taken from: tokyograph
Thanks to: dragon-rider@BBVIP
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‘High High’ MV is done!

S:  ibigbang + HarryKIM @ twitter + @ twitpic

Bonus pic of High High MV Passports

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More at source~

S: 21bangs


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Random 2NE1 picture lol

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Update cause I found more articles lol.

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Yesterday when I came home I was quite blown away by the statistics on my blog. Usually on a normal, good day, somewhere around a thousand readers is what I’m happy with. Yesterday though, I suddenly found that over 5000 visitors had been reading my posts. Obviously this sudden change is because I wrote about the music video I was in with G-dragon and TOP during the weekend, so their fans found my blog while searching for information about it.

[The girls and GD - my friend Jenny's picture. This is after shooting and it's past 4am - lol i look super short ]

But I am ever more overwhelmed with, besides the numbers of visitors, it is the number of lovely people who have written personal emails to me, commented on my blog, and commented on Big Bang fan sites that they think I seem to a really nice person. It warms my heart that my private thoughts and reflections of everyday life can reach so many people and that they appreciate my honesty.

It is quite strange to me that I hear people saying that they are my fans, and that they are shy about approaching me. I mean, I am just a normal person. I haven’t done anything really. I’m just writing. But anyway, this post is for all of the new readers who I want to welcome, and also to thank my old faithful readers. This blog is not only me writing about myself, it has also become a great place to share experiences with people from all over the world, about our common interest; Korea. Some of my readers have stayed with me for such a long time that I truly feel as we are friends. You have been there with me when my life has been hard, and I want to thank you.

Love, Paula

S: noonablog.com/


Noone knows what the YG-Life Countdown is about but YG! Top Korean agency YG Entertainment has caused a stir on the Internet after posting a digital clock timer on its blog YG Life.

The digital clock, posted on the official blog (http://www.yg-life.com) starting Monday, indicated on Wednesday morning that in 110 hours YG Entertainment will make an announcement.

“The only person who knows what will happen on that day is the founder and CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun-suk,” an official from YG was quoted as saying in several reports, hinting that it will deal with important news.

Fans and industry sources are speculating Yang will announce the comeback of Korean boy band Big Bang to the local music scene or the official U.S. debut of girl group 2NE1.

YG artists are currently preparing for their two-day “2010 YG Family Concert” to be held at the Olympic Park Stadium on December 4 and 5.

Reporter : Lucia Hong luciahong
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim
Source: asiae
via: fuckyeahygfamilyy @ tumblr

YGEntertainment Partners With Universal Records For The Philippine Market!

YG Entertainment, home to some K-Pop’s biggest acts, has partnered with Universal Records for the album release of two of its bestselling groups, 2NE1 and Big Bang! Blackjacks and VIPs are eagerly awaiting the Philippine editions of 2NE1’s “The First Mini Album” (which includes massive hits like “Fire” and “I Don’t Care”) and “To Anyone”, plus Big Bang’s “Essential Big Bang” (a compilation of their biggest hit singles)!

Pinoy K-pop fans are happy to hear about this partnership since Universal Records has already proven its savvy in marketing and promoting K-pop releases for the Philippine market. Universal Records is the number one independent record company in the Philippines known for its successful OPM artists like Jose Mari Chan, Gary Valenciano, Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Christian Bautista, Jay R, Jed Madela, Parokya Ni Edgar, Kamikazee, Sponge Cola etc. It is also home to some of K-Pop’s brightest & bestselling acts like TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, BoA, f(x), U-Kiss, One Way and many more!

Now that 2NE1 and Big Bang releases will be made available at a more affordable price, these two artists will definitely add to the list!

YG Entertainment is considered one of the top three talent agencies in Korea alongside SM Entertainment (TVXQ, BoA, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee) and JYP Entertainment (Wonder Girls, 2PM). Their last year’s sales was reported at 35.69 billion won (around 30,946,443.227 U.S. Dollars), up a whopping 93 percent from the previous year. The increase can be attributable to the success of many of its artists including idol group Big Bang and girl band 2NE1, both of whom raked in significant income from their album sales, music downloads, commercials as well as earnings from the members’ individual activities.

Universal Records is currently proud partners of both SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment!

S: 2NE1 Philippines Fanpage2NE1's Official Facebook
via: fuckyeahygfamilyy @ tumblr

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