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Why are Wonder Generation not invited to the 54th Asia Pacific Film Festival?

Unfortunately, whatever happened in a Taekwondo bout in Asian Games did not stay within Guangzhou. Ever since a Taiwanese exponent was disqualified for trying to wear extra scoring sensors in her socks, the anti-Korean wave seems to be carried over to other areas as well.

On November 22nd, Taiwan’s newspaper China Times reported, “The spread of the anti-Korean feeling stems from the Taekwondo issue in the Asian Games. Originally, there were plans to invite Korean singers, including SNSD and Wonder Girls to perform at the 54th Asia Pacific Film Festival which will be held at National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, December 2nd to 4th. However, the idea was later dropped due to the anti-Korean sentiments. Also, there have been boycotts of albums produced by Korean singers as well”.

Credit: fanwonder

Refer to these 2 links for the taekwondo issue.

The main issue here is the anti-korea sentiments not whether that Taiwanese athlete cheated or not. So refrain from bashing her and don't be too harsh.


The anti-korea sentiment ignited by kpop domination has been there since last year according to my Taiwanese cousin. Now it escalates...

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