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Crab Prince and Rock Dizzle Discuss Friendship Among Other Things~

Harmony of 12 Years Friendship, Shin Hyesung & Eric Mun Interview With Melon 
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We met 'Shin Hyesung,' who has released a single album, breaking his long silence, and 'Eric,' who has shown his friendship by writing the rap for and featuring in Hyesung's song as his first activity after his release from the military. We received some questions from our readers through Melon's Me2Day, and we could feel again Shinhwa's popularity and the strength of the fans from the outpour of questions we received.^^ Let's now listen to their story on friendship and Shinhwa~

Q. Is there a specific reason why you decided now after 10 years to release a duet song?^^ I'm curious as to who thought up the idea first too. (153)

Shin Hyesung : Eric rapped for the title song of my digital single. It's an album I'm releasing in Korea for the first time in a long time, and Eric also was not active for a long time because of his enlistment as a public service officer. Because the release date for the album coincided with Eric's release, I asked him first thinking that it would be a good present to give our fans, and Eric said yes so we got to work together.

My understanding is that the two of you have preferences for different music genres, so what songs do you listen to the most these days? And to give out a high-quality question, what does music mean to you? What does Shinhwa mean to you? (Gomssi)
Shin Hyesung : I don't think it's that we prefer different music genres, but just that the difference comes from my being a vocalist and Eric's being a rapper. I'm not stubborn about only doing ballads, so generally I listen to many different songs without thinking about the genres. Shinhwa and music are both like my other selves. They're things that can't be taken away from me.
Eric : I listen to a lot of songs from our juniors these days. I also listen to old Shinhwa songs. They're good even when I listen to them now. To me music and Shinhwa are the most important and precious things in my life, so much that I can't put it into words.^^

Q. So Eric and Hyesung must have recorded the song together? What do you talk about when you're recording? Were there any fun anecdotes while recording that you would like to share with us? (GgamnolShinhwa)

Shin Hyesung : Because Eric wrote the rap for this song he talked more with the lyricist Kang Eunkyung than with me ^^ Because we know each other so well and we're comfortable with each other I can't say we had anything special happen and I think it was just enjoyable.
Eric : I try to concentrate finish quickly when I record, and because Shin Hyesung and also the staff members were all old friends and were all comfortable with each other, I think we played around a lot and recording was even more enjoyable.

Q. You used to be oil and water, now you're a perfect match. What do you think about that? (Dokidoki)

Shin Hyesung : Because it's been 12 years since we've been together we really feel like a family. We really try hard to come running first and take care of each other when something bad or difficult go to through happens to anyone. We're so close you could call us real brothers.
Eric : Because we're all so playful we used to say so on TV and the other members used to tease us a lot, and in the past it was actually sort of like that, but now we can just know what the other's thinking by looking at each other's eyes and I guess you could call us a perfect match.

Q. You both look so young compared to your age of 32~ (I think only the fans are aging T_T) Are there any special secrets as to how you manage? (Labyrinth)

Shin Hyesung : I don't really have much you can call secrets^^ I guess it's because I work on what I like to do. And I try to be positive in everything I do. I think maybe that would be the secret. Ah and also I think it may be because of love from my fans ^^
Eric : Because I spent my time as a public service officer for 2 years, my life became very organized. So I naturally became healthier. Could you call that a secret?^^ Rather than think of secrets to looking young, I believe that staying healthy will naturally make you look younger. Rather than try to look young I try to maintain my health more.

Q. There are many idol groups these days; are there any groups you like, and I wonder whether you have anything to say to them as seniors (Lukeming)

Shin Hyesung : I believe that all idol groups these days are very talented. I don't only look at one team; I look at them all. In the past, one member received all the spotlight, but these days each member shows their individuality and distinguish themselves in dramas or entertainment programs. Of course they're good onstage too. Individual ability is important, but I believe that teamwork is important most of all. I believe that when some disagreements happen within the group they should try to talk with each other and try to be strong for each other, and that will help them hold their team together for a long time.
Eric : Of course there are groups that are good and able, but there are also those who come out and disappear in a short time. Not being too proud and working hard by always practicing will help you become a group loved for a long time like Shinhwa^^ I also don't look at one group but I look at all of our juniors. I hope they work harder and become groups that are loved for a long time.

Q. You're turning 33 next year, when will you be getting married? (Lian)

Shin Hyesung : I haven't found a person for me yet ^^ I believe that if I work hard in my place I'll someday meet a good person. As for now I think I'm more into my work than marriage.
Eric : Because I went right into filming my drama after release, I don't think I have time for relationships. In the meantime I plan to focus on my work.


Q. Many idol groups are coming out these days; is there a group you think is the most 'Shinhwa-like?' (In my eyes there are of course none LOL) (Veronica)

Shin Hyesung : Of course there are no groups as good as Shinhwa ^^ When I see many groups appeal with their manliness or when I see their dynamic dances I sometimes think they're similar to Shinhwa. Sometimes I even think they're better.
Eric : I want to say that 'Shinhwa-like' means a group which is loved for a long time with its strong teamwork. All of the groups these days are brilliant but we'll have to see which groups will be loved for a long time by their fans like Shinhwa^^

Q. 'Hello and Goodbye'... I've been a fan for more than 10 years, and to me the title seems to mean something different. Saying Goodbye! to the past days and saying Hello! to make another legend. What did you think of when you first heard the title? (Ilkyunjongjung)

Shin Hyesung : When I first heard the title I thought it would be about a sad break-up. When I saw the lyrics it touched me more. The word 'Annyong' (*Means hello and goodbye at the same time) contains excitement and wistfulness at the same time. The 'Annyong' for this time touched me more as an exciting one. I'm excited to meet my fans in a long time and I believed it was a greeting which meant that I would show an improved me in the future.
Eric : I like that 'Hello' for making another legend. I believe you thought of our standing on stage together as making another legend. I believe 'Hello and Goodbye' would mean that I'm glad to see my fans again, and also that I'm now saying 'goodbye' to my hiatus and pledging that I will be active with better activities anew. I believe this song will be a special song which has many meanings.

Q. I want to know what songs you listen to often in the cold winter~ (Of course your own songs are good too) (BICA)

Shin Hyesung : I like to listen to David Foster's 'White Christmas.' I think it is a song that many people think of come winter. I believe that you have to listen to carols to feel the real charm of winter. Ah, and I think the best song for winter is our 'Hello and Goodbye'^^ Please listen to it a lot.
Eric : In winter we have our 'Winter Story' albums by Shinhwa^^ 'It's Beautiful' is good, and I also listen to 'The Snowy Night,' and 'I'll Never Let You Go.' Because they're albums which were released in winter, I think the songs are good to listen to in winter.

Q. Hello I am a Japanese fan. All Shinhwa fans imagine the day in the near future when we can meet the 6 members on stage with a hello, and wish for it with all our hearts. Do you also sometimes think about that day? (dluv)

Shin Hyesung : Sometimes when I see idol groups on TV on stage they remind me of our members. We are now apart but we definitely want to stand on stage again together. I'm looking forward to it already, I wish we will come together soon.
Eric : Of course. Because we always think that we are active under the name Shinhwa we are always proud. Like our fans, we also sincerely look forward to the day we will sing together on stage.

Q. At this stage when many fans are waiting for Shinhwa's comeback, is this single a preparation stage or suggestion for Shinhwa's future activities? (dogg)

Eric : Although currently it is difficult for us to be active under the name Shinhwa, we are thinking of helping each other out if there is anything we can do for each other. And it's hard for us to say exactly when, but someday our members will come together.

Q. As a singer (or in Eric's case as an actor), I want to hear your goals or ideals you try to work for! Not only when you're on stage with all six members, but also when you're active alone in your various areas, I can feel that you're sincerely enjoying it, so I want to hear directly what you think^.^ (Esther)

Shin Hyesung : For my goal as a singer, it would be becoming a singer which is remembered for a long time. And as time goes by, I believe that the preciousness of my fans and of my work becomes stronger. So I decided to name my next concert 'Close To You' to mean that I want to come closer with my fans. I also believe that the only thing I can do to repay the love my fans give me is to sing with all my strength. I will repay you with a better album and a better performance.
Eric : Honestly, when I first made my debut as an actor I worried on whether I could do it, but because I have my members cheering me on and my fans watching over me I think I'm doing well. Also, as a Shinhwa member the meaning is stronger. I enjoy acting, but on the other hand I sometimes feel more the preciousness of my fans. Because I am also the leader, rather than my personal goal, I want to be loved for a long time with my members under the name 'Shinhwa.'

Q. Hello I'm a high-schooler fan^^ These days there are still many Shinhwachangjos who are in their teens; what do you think when you see very young fans? (Loversix)

Shin Hyesung : Despite our not being very active in broadcasts, I want to first say thank you to those teenage fans who love us and listen to our music. We will try hard to be loved more through our future albums and various activities. Thank you.
Eric : I feel that I should work harder. I feel thankful that although they would've known us more later than fans in their 20s~30s, they still love us a lot. We will work hard to sing and show our good activities in other areas not only to those fans who have been with us for a long time since our debut, but also our teenage fans.

Q. I heard that the Shinhwa members get together regularly; what do you do when you get together? (Mar)

Shin Hyesung : Our fans may know, but on the day of our debut, March 24th, we always get together and have a self-congratulatory party. We do it every year, and on that day even when we're busy every member takes time off to get together. Now that I'm thinking of it I miss our members a lot.

Q. What made up the strength that let Shinhwa last this long? (srt94)

Shin Hyesung : I believe it was the love from our fans. If we didn't have our fans cheering us on for more than 10 years even from far away, we wouldn't be here. We are always thankful. We will sing with all our strength so that we become a team which lasts longer than 20 or 30 years.
Eric : When we had different opinions or fought with each other, we tried to solve it through talking with each other. I believe that the reason why we were able to become a long-running group was because of our continuous conversations. I believe we understand each other, and like friends and sometimes like more than family, we give each other the strength and will to move on.

Credits: orisic @ shinhwa.biz

They're so cute! ♥ And it made me smile that Eric wrote the lyrics for his rap. XD

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