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Teen Top update

"TEEN TOP over flowers^^ A photo because the Fall Cosmos are so pretty! We're pretty, right?"

10/15 Changjo:
"We attended a school festival not as a student, but as TEEN TOP. The feeling on the stage is kinda new^^ It was fun♥"

10/11 NielJoe:
"When the chick met the goby k I found it in my bag (L.Joe)"

10/24 Cap (originally in english):
"hey man , we’re hip-hop boy everybody put you’re hands up C.A.P-$$$"

"A special night of recording while I was in Japan but I was worried about all the features^^"

"Now clicking before getting at the airport to go to Japan !!!! L.Joe hyung said he will take a picture with me but didn't ㅜㅜ But I took a picture in secret I did good right??? We'll work hard in Japan!"

"Finished and waiting around"


"Japan's ramen shop, hehe.
What should I order??' hehe"

"(Niel) Everyone? Guess who I am? hehe (tips) Sexy Vocal ^^
(C.A.P) Everyone? I am charima rapper CAP~ hehe"

"(Niel) Correct answer: Sexy Vocal Niel. hehe
(C.A.P) We are Teen Top"

"Model : ChangJo
Photographer : Niel"

"Who's leg is this? hehe. Guess~ hehe"

"Correct answer: I am CAP(This is what CAP-hyung said, hehe)"

11/11 L.Joe:
"Don't misunderstand us!!! We are just playing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

11/11 C.A.P:
"In the process of making food, little nervous but it's tasty and I loved it~"

11/11 L.Joe:
"Niel and Ricky posing.. totally cute>_<"

11/11 C.A.P:
"I personally really love crab~ Yeoseo Island's seafood in Japan is very delicious~ It was a pleasant meal^^"


"Ricky: Niel hyung~ merong merong~ (eat my justice punch!!keke)
Niel: (someone's looking at my back...)What??
[T/N: merong means like stick your tongue out]"

"Ricky: Ah!!!!! Hy~ung~~~~"

"When I'm at japan eating ramen... now I really want to eat it keke"

11/16 Ricky:
"Today's ChangJo Birthday.
Congratulations my friend. keke
Will wait for birthday cake ~~"

"The examinees cam running to the practice room^^ It was a hard test… It was tough(Sad test)~~ The power was born because of fan’s support. Everyone has had a little difficulty~"

11/23 L.Joe:
"Members! You didn't have to give these instead of gifts~ But thanks anywayㅠㅠ To all the fans~ Thanks for all greetings in my birthday^^ hihi~"

"Chang Jo’s third expression set!!! What do you think? ^^"

CR: me2day, twitter, aa-chan 1 2, 6teensontop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Teen Top's MTV USA show confirmed to air in January 2011

Rookie idol group Teen Top had a lot of buzz going around even before their debut. Having been chosen among many idol groups to be featured in an MTV show, netizens wondered what it was that captured producer's attention. After a long wait, their management have announced when the show will be airing.

Many fell in love with Teen Top after their late June debut with their first single, 'Clap'. Not only were their live vocals strong for a rookie group, but their tight choreography impressed many. Wanting to find out more about the boys before debut, fans and netizens looked forward to their MTV show titled 'Vice Guide to Everything', which was set to be aired in late October, but was never aired.

Now, Teen Top's management, TOP Media, has finally come forward to fans with an update.
Hello. It's TOP Media.
This is an announcement for the broadcast planning of MTV which fans had many questions about.
'Vice Guide to Everything' which was planned to be aired on october on MTV is now scheduled to be broadcasted next year on January.
We'll make another announcement as soon as we have more accurate information about the broadcast schedule.
Thank you.

While fans are already looking forward to the show, which will showcase the boys as they head towards their debut, they can also look forward to their Japanese variety show which they are currently filming.

CR: kpoplive

Teen Top nicknamed 'world-dols'

The youngest male idol group, TEEN TOP (C.A.P Chunji L.Joe Niel Changjo Ricky) held a surprise event on their 100th day.

TEEN TOP made their debut on 10th July in MBC 'Music Core'. TEEN TOP did their activities with their title song 'Clap', and received some attention for their great live performance. They finished their activities with 'Clap' and got to rest for a while. They hit their 100th Day on last 17th October, and held a surprise event for their fans.

On 17th October from 6-7 PM, TEEN TOP were on their Twitter, Me2day and UFO Town. They were connecting with their fans through a surprise event.

6 members goes in an order to express their happiness with replies. Just like their nickname 'world-dol' (world idol), there's so many international fans who dropped some congratulatory messages.

Before the event ended, the members wrote something like "Time is fast, right? Let's go together until our 1st anniversary and 10th anniversary. I love you", "Thanks to everyone who joined the event! It was really fun!! And thanks to all fans who congratulated our 100th Day. I love you.", etc.

Meanwhile, TEEN TOP will be holding their first official fan meeting in Japan on 2nd November. TEEN TOP received some attention from junior and high school students in Japan. They're certified as the 'Top of 10s' (teenagers).

CR: newsen, 6teensontop

1st Japan fan-sign with 3000 fans

Debuted for 4 months, and first time in Japan, TEENTOP have received lots of support from the local fans.
Due to the K-Pop Night in Japan and also the fanmeets in Japan, TEENTOP has shown ability to keep the hallyu wave in Japan.
Especially on 31 October at Ibaraki Excel Exhibition, TEENTOP had their first fansign in Japan. Although the first fansign limits for 100 only, more than 3000 came to apply for it. Which shows a ratio of 30:1.

Fans who came for TEENTOP's fansign are mostly junior high school students, due to the passionate action from the fans, the staff said that TEENTOP was quite shock by their passion and thus, needed to have more security guards.

And also, on the 29th, through the K-Pop Night in Japan, where TEENTOP first stood on stage in Japan has received much interviews from various magazine companies. One of the department in Japan's biggest media entertainment company, AVEX and also HMV went backstage to see them and has shown some concern towards TEENTOP coming to Japan for promotion in the future.

Oricon Style, Daily News etc. media company after the concert introduced TEENTOP as a high expectation rookie korean idol boy group, and said that the vocal Niel, "has the similar vocal as the young Michael Jackson, Although he have not reached his standard, but its worth setting it as a goal to work hard for it." Reporters and media also said that, "Everywhere you can hear the word by people who saw/knows TEENTOP "so cute ahh~".

K-Pop Night in Japan's sponsor also said :" The response towards TEENTOP is very good, could become the hallyu wave power in Japan."

Now at Japan, TEENTOP will be having their first fanmeet on the 2nd of November and on the 3rd they will be going on stage at the "SEOUL TOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010" meeting more Japanese fans.

CR: newsen 1 2, 6teensontop

Press interview

A rookie group formed under SHINHWA's Andy through open auditions,
Teen Top fits right in the background with their red & white clothes.
These 6 boys have been recognized by public for their talents.
The youngest member, Changjo, is born on 16th November 1995,
making him a high school student that is only 14 years old(Japanese age)!
Everybody is anticipating Teen Top's future.

Q: How many times have you been to Japan?
A: [Chunji] This is the first time! I hope we can come back again.

Q: Niel has been called 'young Michael Jackson'?
A: [Niel] I feel proud being called 'young Michael Jackson', but I don't think I'm up to that standard. But, I will work hard and reach everyone's expectations!
(*Listening to him is like looking at Michael Jackson during his Jackson 5 days)

Q: Say something to the Japanese fans
A: [CAP] We are nervous that we got invited to such an important stage, but we will do our best.
[L.JOE] We will be holding a fanmeet at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stella Ball on the 2nd of November, please come and support us!!!

CR: baidu, 6teensontop

Vid message to fans

CR: TeenzOnTop


CR: michloves2pm

obligatory gif to celebrate smirk!joe's birthday:
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