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The BOSS' Interview + Injun, Karam and Hyunmin get butts on Twitter with Japanese failz

Debuting this year in Korea and planning a debut in Japan next year, it's Daikokudanji (The BOSS)! With an average age of just 18 years and overflowing with a fresh feeling, for the sake of their debut they are staying in Japan and leading a cohabitational (dorm) lifestyle.

On DATV on October 22nd their program "100% Daikokudanji (The BOSS)" was launched and there is no doubt that interest will steadily grow from this point on.

While this kind of Daikokudanji (The BOSS) are filming these episodes, if they are confronted with Japanese they work hard to use the Japanese they presently study to deliver an answer!

Karam: At the filming, there was a time we filmed together with a pro wrestler…well that pro wrestler started saying that he liked me. Afterwards when I heard it was just a joke I was relieved (laughs)

-What was the first Japanese word you memorised?

Hyunmin: "Keisatsu (Police)" and "Kangoku (Jail)" haha. The word "Keisatsu" seems cool so I like it. "Kangoku" is…a really scary place…
Karam: "Jyagaimo (Potato)" and "Chairo (Brown)" are hard! Therefore, every single day I repeatedly say "Are these potatoes? Brown?" and I remember them.

-Tell us about the true faces and secrets of the members

Karam: Before when the members went to eat Shabu Shabu together, Jay by himself ate enough meat for 30 people (laughs)

-Lastly, a word from the leader

Mika: We came as 5 people to Japan, and live helping each other mutually. To the always cheerful and kind members, I'm grateful!

Birthday: 22nd July 1991
Height: 181cm
Word from the members: "He really likes to keep neat and tidy (Mika)" "That's right that's right! Even though we share the same room his is like a girl's room (Karam)"

Birthday: 9th March 1992
Height: 175cm
Word from the members: "The beatboxing he learnt from watching videos on his own is really good! (Karam)" "And on top of that his legs are really pretty (Hyunmin)"

Birthday: 31st March 1994
Height: 170cm
Word from the members: "He is the best at dancing!! (All members)" "Because he's always smiling happily I also become happy (Karam)"

Birthday: 28th June 1991
Height: 178cm
Word from the members: "He has a habit of touching his lips hehe. His appearance might be cute but out of the members he has the most masculine personality (Jay)"

Birthday: 28th June 1990
Height: 178cm
Word from the members: "Leader~~ For always doing well thank you very much! Leader aishitemasu (We love you leader)!! (All members)

Source: The BOSS Japanese fancafe Cherish + koyangi@AstroMAFIA.com
Translations: x3sarang@AstroMAFIA.com


101127 DATVjp coverage of The BOSS' LIVE&HUG meeting

Source: DATVjp's Twitter
Translations: x3sarang@AstroMAFIA.com

101127 Karam's Tweets ♥
(Read from bottom to top)

Source: Karam's Official Twitter
Translations: x3sarang@AstroMAFIA.com

Source: Karam's Official Twitter
Translations: amber@AstroMAFIA.com


101127 Injun's Tweets

(Read from bottom to top)

Source: Injun's Official Twitter
Translations: x3sarang@AstroMAFIA.com

Source: Hyunmin's Official Twitter
Translations: amber@AstroMAFIA.com

Source: Hyunmin's Official Twitter
Translations: x3sarang@AstroMAFIA.com

Sources: As linked individually above

I think they killed both my brain and my timeline...just a bit :D
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