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Fans comment on Kangta's ahjussi look

A Chinese portal site, Sina.com, revealed Kangta's pictures from his new Chinese drama. The pictures are with the female lead of his drama.

Fans noticed that he seemed to have gained weight and he looked like an ahjussi, not at all like the thin pretty boy he was a few months ago. However, no fan had anything bad to say about his new look. Fans commented positively, saying, "he has a new charm now," and "you still look good no matter what."

Seems like those H.O.T fans can never say anything bad about their former lead singer. But then again, he is now 31, which would grant him "ahjussi" status. What do you think? Does he look okay with his new look, or are fans just blinded by their love for him?

Credit: Koreaboo (Newsen)
imo he looked more like an ahjussi when he was heading to the army, he's looking gorgeous rn.

Also umm, what weight?
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