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Doojoon's twitter

With Broadcast man Jundyu hyung and Khun hyung who is the most good looking on earth kekeke

Khun is always watching

Ilsan line for the first time in ages~~~

Wooyoung's twitter

[Wooyoung] We're going to Macau kyakya I'm Junsu





" If likening members to a family, Nichkhun would be grandfather" [Taecyeon]

-2PM’s mvs are so impressive, how was it at the filming site?
Chansung: Actually, the choreography for each song is difficult so we can’t continuously do more than 3 times. (laughs)
Taeceyon: Extremely hard
Chansung: Every time new song comes out, we’ll say “The choreography is the most difficult”
Taeceyon: I’ll be back, which we’re currently promoting, is the most difficult (laughs)
Chansung: That’s what we always say (laughs)
Taeceyon: Come to think of it, while filming “Without you” the concept is to dance in the rain..it was cold
Chansung: Right! Right! (laughs)
Taeceyon: By the time we hit the rain, we had to hold our breath (laughs)
- You guys look so manly in music video, well, if you were a girl, which member would you like to go out with?
Taeceyon & Chansung: None! None!
-Not even one!? (laughs) so which member would you not like date then?
Chansung: Umm..oh! I really thought about it! (laughs)
Taeceyon: If I had a sister, I wouldn’t introduce Khun. Since he’s caring and gentle with all the women so she may get jealousy
Chansung: I think…maybe Wooyoung cos he’s never experienced the relationship before. (laughs)
Taeceyon: He won’t be able to lead (laughs)
Chansung: It would be frustrating. (laughs)
- If likening members to a family, what would each member be ?
Chansung: First thing first, Wooyoung is the mommy
Taeceyon: (in japanese)Mommy~~~
Chansung: Taecyeon is an uncle who won’t listen to anyone.
Taeceyon: Eh~~!
Chansung: Yeah, yeah, then he’s the head of the house.
Taeceyon: You just changed all of the sudden (laughs)
Chansung: We already have the uncle (laughs) Junsu hyung!
Taeceyon: So Nichkhun is grandfather (laughs). Well, Junho is the eldest and insubordinate son; he’s in puberty
Chansung: Actually, he’s already a teenager (laughs)
Taeceyon: Then Chansung is the youngest since he’s still young and doesn’t know anything.
Chansung: Yeah, just a kid who continuously laughs (laughs)

"I recognize Japanese fans right away" (Junsu)

- Many foreign fans attended your 1st concert, could you recognize Japanese fans?
Junho : Of course! Many of they had came
Junsu : I noticed some of them holding signs with our names written in Japanese too. I can tell it right away that [you’re japanese] yes, I’m thankful that they came along way for the concert
Junho : Thus, we’d like to see everyone in Japan real soon!
Junsu : There’s someone who always write me a letter. She’s been supporting me for ages. That’s why I want to show them our performances asap!
- Other than music, 2PM is also working in many parts of this entertainment industry.
Junho, I know that you’re a part of [Dream Team 2] aren’t you?
Junho : I love playing sports ever since I was young and had a dream of becoming an athlete. Computer game wasn’t well-known back then so I just played soccer or went swimming every weekend. I’m the type of guy who can’t stay still. At the present moment, because of working out less than before, I catch a cold quite easily. If there’s a good place for working out in Japan, please let me know (laughs)
- if you were a girl, which member would you like to go out with?
Junho: We know each other inside out, I’d better not date any of them even to speak from a girl side. Yet I’m a man, I don’t want to think about it (laughs)
Junsu : Maybe Junsu, he’s a good guy (laughs)
Junho : (in japanese) So noisy (laughs)
Junsu: (in japanese) I’m sorry~~~ (laughs)
- Judging from your hobby which is composing a song, both of you seem to have special interest in music. What is the most impressive concert you’ve been to recently?
Junho & Junsu : 2PM (laughs)  lmao
Junsu: Just kidding
Junho: Last july, both of us went to Usher concert in Korea and we really had a good time!
-Do you guys cook at the dorm?
Junho : It’s not exactly cooking. Just grill some beef and boil ramyun, that’s it? Oh! There’re also stir-fried kimchi, fried eggs, just easy stuffs. However, if I have a cooking book and ingredients, I’m sure that I can make some delicious dishes. Actually, I had learned cooking as a child for half a year.

"I prefer sleeping on the floor to bed (laughs)" [Wooyoung]
- You guys transformed yourselves into idol girls group in concert last summer.
Plus a parody of drama showing the cuteness of 2PM which received great feedbacks!
Wooyoung : Thank you very much ! Among the members, Nichkhun looks the best dressing as a girl. Not only handsome but also naturally pretty
Nichkhun : So embarrassing (laughs) Taecyeon looked the most exciting during orange caramel show
Wooyoung : I and Taecyeon wanted to sing orange caramel song so much. When I noticed how fans loved it, doing it was very enjoyable
Nichkhun: I have a face which resemble to a girl while Taecyeon looks more manly yet he’s better when it comes to dress as a woman..isn’t it really opposite? (laughs)
- Nichkhun is a current cast on [We got married] right? Your make-belief marriage with F(X)’s Victoria becomes a talk of the town.
Nichkhun: Victoria is a diligent and good person. We get along pretty well.
Wooyoung : Jealous. The other members frequently say that they can do it as well as he does too (laughs) but so what…
Nichkhun: At the beginning, it’s the time we needed to break the ice so we felt very nervous. But everything is fine now and we do it joyfully.
- if you were a girl, which member would you like to go out with?
Wooyoung : Been asked many times
Nichkhun: Do you want to date me? (laughs)
Wooyoung: (laughs) This is a tough one. We know each other well since we’ve been living together. If I choose Khun, what if the others find out? They might be sad.
Nichkhun: Then now be a playboy! Date them all! You have to play this part (laughs)
-You guys are so close. Living together, there must be many things that have taken places
Nichkhun: I share a room with Chansung but he often sleep in the living room
Wooyoung : I share one with Junho but sleep in the living room as well. Well, it doesn’t look like an idol that I prefer sleeping on the floor to bed (laughs) When Chansung watches T.V, I can’t get myself to sleep. He comes back and forth between his bedroom and living room to sleep.
Nichkhun: And this is how we live happily… like this (laughs)

Nichkhun Q & A

Born: June 24, 1988 / Zodiac: Cancer / Blood-type O / Height 180 cm.

1.What’s your favorite song and choreography of 2PM?
- I like [Heartbeat] choreography. It’s not just dancing but also an acting as zombies and a pyramid move which tells a story.

2. Who’s your favorite singer?
- Our composer Park Jin-young PD and the singer named Ra.D. He composed the song called [I can’t] for us. If I’m to choose Japanese singer then it’d be Hikaru Utada. I’ve been hooked on her ever since I heard her song [First Love] when I was 12.

3. What song would you like to cover?
- Ra.D’s [I’m in LOVE]

4. What is your favorite woman style?
- Nothing in particular, even then, I do prefer someone who is kind and cute and pay respects to parents.

5. What japanese word do you like?
- [Aishiteiru (love you)] (laughs), [Kawaii (cute)], [Hayaku Aitaidesu (wanna meet you soon)]

6. What would you like to eat in Japan?
- Ramen, sushi and tonkatsu (pork cutlet)!

7. What would you like the other members to mend their ways?
- Taecyeon and Junsu, who live in the nextroom, often make a loud noise while composing which makes me unable to sleep. Chansung doesn’t clean up after eating. And I wish everyone would get up early since I’m the one who gets up first and wake them up (laughs)

8. How was your life as a trainee who came from Thailand to Korea?
- Because I couldn’t communicate, I had a hard time yet I didn’t want to be a singer back then. The desire of being one slowly came to me and finally I became a part of 2PM.

Let’s have a look at your personal belongings!! (vitamins)

These vitamins have just been bought. They’re for my health as recently I’m busy with working, recording, filming [We Got Married] which exhaust me. I take them all the time.

Junsu Q & A

Born: January 15, 1988 / Zodiac: Capricornus / Blood-type A / Height 180 cm.

1.What’s your favorite song and choreography of 2PM?
- I like [Gimme the light] ,the choreography of [Again&again] and as for MV, I love [Without U] it’s beautiful but filming was the hardest since we did it in the rain.

2. Who’s your favorite singer?
- I’ve always been into D’ Angelo and recently Kanye West as well.

3. What song would you like to cover?
- It’s an oldie called [Kude Nebume] of Ryu Jae Ha

4. What is your favorite woman style?
- Honest, kind and it’d be great if she has a pretty smile

5. What japanese word do you like?
- [Nandeyanen "Why " (in Osaka dialect) ] my friend from Osaka taught me.

6. What would you like the other members to mend their ways?
- To Taceyeon, stop saying that you’re fashion-leading when you’re still dressing weirdly! (laughs)

7. Motto?
- Never forget the original intention. Forever in love with music and be reminded by the first admiration for Stevie Wonder which made me want to be a singer.

8. Tell us about your hometown.
- Makuchan (entrails) is very delicious. My recommendation is Jim Kalbi (Beef Shortribs). Though the weather isn’t good; it’s extremely hot in Summer and extremely cold in winter, people are nice. It’s said that most of them are good-looking bot men and women. (laughs)

Let’s have a look at your personal belongings!! (IPad)
Ipad, my favorite item. Using its applications, you can produce good songs. There’s a lot of songs and videos. My fan gave this to me, very handy.

Taecyeon Q & A

Born: December 27, 1988 / Zodiac: Capricornus / Blood-type A / Height 185 cm.

1. Among 2PM songs, which one do you like?
- [Don’t Stop Can’t Stop] since our feelings have been included. As for MV, I like [Heartbeat]. The heart-beating sound at the beginning of the song is really our heart beat.

2. Who’s your favorite singer?
- These days I’m hooked on Kim Dong Ryul senior ‘s songs

3. What song would you like to cover?
- OST of the movie Leon ( :D ! ) called Shape of my heart and sing it in 2PM style.

4. What is your favorite woman style?
- Someone who has feminine side, charming and has 2 sides which are very different.

5. What japanese word do you like?
- [Mada Mada(not yet)] It gives me a feeling such “I have to try more”

6. Where would you like to make a visit in Japan?
- Everywhere. I want to learn about Japanese culture

7. What would you like the other members to mend their ways?
- I and Junsu share a room, I wish he would dress probably since he doesn’t wear pants (laughs)

8. Motto?
- Live with diligence

9. How’s your feeling about [Cinderella’s sister] ?
- My role had to speak with dialect which I got helps from Junsu and Wooyoung. I’m looking forward to new works.

10. How’s your feeling of being on [Family Outing 2] ?
- There’s a bunch of places which I went for the first time. I found the brand new charm of Korea!

Let’s have a look at your personal belongings!! (IPod Touch)
I carry IPod Touch with me all the time, very indispensable. I listen to it while sleeping but I keep losing . But when morning comes, I always find it under my bed (laughs)

JunHo Q & A

Born: January 25, 1990 / Zodiac: Aquarius / Blood-type A / Height 178 cm.

1.What’s your favorite song and choreography of 2PM?
- I often find myself liking our newest song so it’s [I’ll be back] and I also love its Shuffle Dance the most

2. Who’s your favorite singer?
- Recently, I’m addicted to Rock. I was in love with it when I was young and just started to love it again. My hobby is to compose a song so I tend to listen to various genres

3. What song would you like to cover?
- Well if it’s Japanese song then it’s L’arc~en~Ciel’s [Driver’s High] which is the OST of the animation [GTO]. Formerly, I had covered M.C The Max’s [The Poem of Love] in Korean show but it was edit. So I’d like to try it again.

4. What is your favorite woman style?
- It keeps changing at the time of answering the question. It depends on my feeling.

5. What japanese word do you like?
- I’m impressed by Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto words [Uruse (so noisy)] in the movie [Gokusen] (laughs)

6. What would you like the other members to mend their ways?
- Junsu hyung and Chansung often leave the lights on after using the toilet. Well, if there’s someone turns it off then the other one will turn it on. Because there’re 6 of us (laughs). Besides that, there’s nothing special.

7. Motto?
 - I have two. One is the truth and sincerity always says. And the other is to go as far as you can.

Let’s have a look at your personal belongings!!!! (Flip)
It’s the thing used for recording and watching videos. I bought this to record our practices such dancing, singing and acting. It’ll be deleted immediately if I don’t’ like it (laughs). There’s also the practicing scene of [I’ll be back]

Wooyoung Q & A

Born: April 30, 1989 / Zodiac: Taurus / Blood -Type B / Height 78 cm

1. Among 2PM songs, which one do you like?
- [Heartbeat] because we were having a hard time and we could get through it.

2. Who’s your favorite singer?
- Michael Jackson. I also like Japanese singers Gackt and Arashi. It’s awesome just to maintain steadily their position this long in music industry.

3. What song would you like to cover?
- I love jazz & hiphop such as Kenichirou Nishihara so much. I’d love to cover it in 2PM style

4. What is your favorite woman style?
- Someone who gets along well with me

5. What japanese word do you like?
- It’s my favorite word in Korean too, it’s [Shiawase (happiness)]. I like its meaning so I remembered it at once

6. What would you like to eat in Japan?
- Ramen

7. What would you like the other members to mend their ways?
- We’ve been living together more than 2 yrs now so if there’s something, we’ll talk. Thus, nothing they should mend

8. Motto?
- I think there’s nothing you can't do if you try. Being unable to do means you don’t try enough.

9. How do you practice?
- We usually practice singing and dancing. We play basketball as well. Personally, I do breakdance, Which I’m interested, to exercise myself.

Let’s have a look at your personal belongings!!!! (Mobile phone)
If we have work like today, I’ll carry only mobile phone and mp3 player. This phone has japanese learning function too. I send e-mails to my friends and if there’re many things to talk, I’ll contact approximately 10 of them.

Chansung Q & A

Born: Febuary 11, 1990 / Zodiac: Aquarius / Blood-type B / Height 184 cm

1. Among 2PM songs, which one do you like the most?
- Our latest song [I’ll be back]. The choreography is comprised of the steps which is good for our strength (laughs).
I like [10 out of 10] mv. It’s our first mv showing how teenage boys interested in girls. It’s kinda cute

2. Who’s your favorite singer?
- There’re plenty of them right now. I’m collecting videos of Maxwell, Usher, Brian McKnight and watch them.

3. What song would you like to cover?
- Lee Eun Mi’s [Otton Kuryum]

4. What is your favorite woman style?
- Since I don’t talk much, I prefer the bright and cute type of girl, someone with the right chemistry

5. What japanese word do you like?
- [Sumimasen (sorry)] it gives me the feeling of caring towards the other.

6. Who would you like to mee t in Japan ?
- Don’t know if I’ll get a chance of meeting him (LOL) It’s Takuya Kimura

7. What would you like the other members to mend their ways?
- When we’re in a hurry in the morning, I wish Junsu hyung would take a shower more quickly (laughs)

8. Motto?
- No pain no gain

9. As the youngest, who’s the closest to be elder brother?
- Ummm, maybe Taecyeon hyung (laughs) since he’s staring at me now. Well, actually it’s not just that (laughs)

Let’s have a look at your personal belongings!!!! (novel)
This is the novel of Patrick Süskind called [Pigeon]. I used to read one of his book [Perfume] before.
It’s very interesting so I bought another one. And I also like those of Keigo Higashino, read almost of his.

Q : What is your love confession line?
CHANSUNG A : Don’t you want me to take care of your everything?
NICHKHUN A : Without a single word, just kiss her!
JUNHO A : You’re my world. If it wasn’t you then I’d never look at any girls
JUNSU A : You’ll be my precious. Let’s get into a relationship!
TAECYEON A : I have a great time because of you. Don’t you want to live together with me now and…forever?
WOOYOUNG A : Out of so many people, she’s the one I’ve been longing to see wherever and whenever.

TAECYEON Q : Please tell us one of your personalities
TAECYEON A : Shy but optimistic. When bad things happen, I keep moving on so I think I’m positive-thinking type.

WOOYOUNG Q : What would you like to do after 24 hours of working?
WOOYOUNG A : Cycling, starting from around Korea and make a visit from place to place without haste.

JUNSU Q : Please tell us your ideal situations/scenes of meeting a girl
JUNSU A : We have an accident and wham! I fall in love with her (laughs) someone who has waist length hair..something’s like that

JUNHO Q : Your type of girl ?
JUNHO A : I used to think that girls who handle their work and love separately are very charming. But now I find girls who express their true feelings clearly are more attractive. Anyways, the feeling of love is the most important factor.

NICHKHUN Q : Between being dumped and dumping, which one will you choose ?
NICHKHUN A : Mostly, dumping. If I think we don’t match and tell her frankly “let’s be friends”. That’s why I’m still friend with my ex-girlfriends.

CHANSUNG Q : What type of girl’s dressing style which impresses you the most?
CHANSUNG A : Not too much not too less, casual style. Instead of paying attention to what she wears, just speaking openly to each other is enough.

Beastly idols titled as Asia Number 1 boy band

- Honestly, tell us about the lure of 2PM -
Junsu – Charm?.... we’re hot.
Wooyoung– Manly looks.
Chansung– Friendly.
Junho – Don’t know if it’s charm.. we’re relaxed (laughs)
Taceyeon – We can cast your stress away
Nichkhun – Beasts!

- Ever since being 2PM, what is the happiest moment so far?
Junsu – When standing on the stage because I can hear fans’ scream and people come to listen to our music.
Wooyoung – Me too. I love the moment when we stand there and hear them scream
Chansung – When reading fans’ messages on the internet such “I knew it! Only 2pm can do it!” These kinds of words bring me joy
Junho – The moment when we and our fans share some air in the concert!
Taecyeon – Being on the stage. It’s like handing in your home works. It’s so exciting.
Nichkhun- When our performance being accepted/ recognized such as fans screaming, being impressed and receiving compliments from dancing trainers.

Six cute guys with irresistible charms are now ready to make a debut in Japan!

- What kind of activity would you like to do in Japan? Or any places to visit or do in Japan?-
All – First of all, we’d like to make ourselves known to all japanese people. What’s 2PM style? How’s our performance like?
We’re longing to show it. It’ll be delightful if people are interested in each member’s character
Chansung – There’s many places I wish I could go! Each one has its own delicious stuffs right? I want to travel here and there and get a chance to taste its special dish as well
Junsu – For me, Tokyo Tower. I want to see the night view of Japan.
Wooyoung – To Taste Sapporo beer ! Love it!
Junho – Fans sent me japanese ramen which is very tasty. So this time I’d like to try the original taste of it in Japan.
Taecyeon – I’d like to go to the rural areas. I notice that there’re some hot springs so I'd prefer to take some time off over there
Nichkhun – Shin-juku or Harajuku. I heard the curry tastes good. My friend told me that curry with pork cutlet is delicious. So I’d love to try some.

- Please say something to fans -
Junsu – We’ll make the temperature rise here in Japan. I’m looking forward to your supports
Wooyoung – Feeling both happy and exciting that we’ll hold a concert in Japan on December
Chansung – Working in Japan in a new challenge. We’ll try real hard and try as much as our seniors who are currently promoting in Japan do!
Junho - We’ll be singers and artists who give you impression. Please support us
Taecyeon – I want to see you guys real soon!
Nichkhun – We’ll show you greatest performances. Please wait, we’re going there!

So exciting to see their charms one by one. They take our hearts away with the way they act cutely when we’re not aware of .
This is a special service; it’s backstage report which we’re sure you’re gonna love 2PM more

(Khun smiling and Wooyoung included in the same picture) I love someone who’s gentle (smiles)
(Chansung with laptop) Those dresses of Japanese girls are cute
(Serious pose of 2PM) Thought that they look serious > > (With white shirts) Slowly movement as if they’re dancing
Members are reading Ray and showing their interests towards Japanese girls. So we ask them about the way they like girls to dress
Taecyeon – Not too revealing
Nichkhun – Casual style
Wooyoung – I prefer them wear white t-shirt and jeans
Junho – Me too !
Junsu – Whatever that matches.

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