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Japanese fan bids 1.84 million won on KARA Ji Young's stage outfit at auction event

The 5 members of KARA's stage outfits were being auctioned and it has attracted a lot of interest among fans and each member's outfit cost more than 1 million won each.

KARA were part of KARA costume party which is an auction event and the results were revealed on the 25th of November.

In total, after 6 days when the auction started over 485 bidders participated in the auction. The first bids for the costumes were 500 million won and member Kang Ji Young reached the highest bid with her stage outfit's last bid was 1.84 million won. also, Goo hara and Park Gyrui's outfits were sold for 1.7 million won each. The highest bidder for the outfit was known to be a Japanese fan of KARA which only shows how their popularity has risen in Japan.

Meanwhile, all the proceeds from the auction will be donated to charitable foundations and to the less fortunate.

Source: starnews
Translation: dkpopnews

I have nothing agains Kara and I know they do well in Japan. But because a Japanse fan bought her outfit their popularity has risen? Who ever wrote that.
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