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Sooooo BEAST: Hallyu Fever in Japan

BEAST stood in front of the Japanese fans in the “pet-idol” appearance instead of their usual “beast-idol” look. In particular, the aegyo (cuteness) parade from the main vocal Yang Yoseob won many praises from the fans. It was literally what BEAST had meant before they got on stage, “We don’t think of ourselves as ‘beast-idols’. Our charms are a variety.”

It is said that a true artist shows off their genuine presence on stage. BEAST, who had commented that “they had studied their Japanese, but it is still a bit rough,” was able to control the hearts of the fans in the showcase that lasted for an hour. The cuteness and charisma that emitted from them was enough to get the fans hyped up.

One male fan who was at the showcase commented, “The energy that comes out in their strong performances is very attractive.” Reuna (17), who visited the showcase with her mother said, “I like Yoseob who is cute the best,” and added, “In Japan, Yoseob is the most popular.” Maiko (29) from Kanahyun commented, “Yoseob is usually cute, but on stage he changes,” and added, “You can see the other oppisitie side of him.”

The twin dancers Kensukae (18) and Sunsukae (18) who visited the showcase with 5 other friends confessed, “We practice dancing from watching BEAST’s performances.” Tomoae (32) and Tamaae (23) from Chiba stated that they found out about BEAST through the TV and bought the CD after searching the internet. The siblings found an ad for the showcase and ended up coming. They also stated that they are planning to attend the solo concert in Korea and added, “I hope that they come to Japan often, but we are watching their activities in Korea as well. It’s fun.”

Uka (37) from Sizoka commented, “It was really beautiful seeing the members taking care of each other on stage. This is a group that will definitely last long.”

Ukari (42) who came in the vehicle provided by Kusue stated, “I watched BEAST since their debut days. I have been waiting thinking that one day they will be coming to Japan. The charm of BEAST is their impressive singing and performance skills. On stage they are charismatic, but off stage they are friendly and cute. That is what makes them different.”

Mai (20) who drove the 5 hour distance for the showcase commented, “It was good because you could see the stage well from any angle. The performance was overfilling. I came with my friend and I think she fell in love with BEAST as well.”

BEAST ranked high among DBSK and Super Junior, who had also made their debut in Japan. Apart from the female groups like Girls Generation and Kara and the split group JYJ, BEAST appearance in Japan gave a preview of the new hallyu wave they will bring to the boy fandom. Also, BEAST will be having a rivalry with the group 2PM which will be debuting in Japan in December showing the true hallyu power.

Meanwhile, BEAST’s showcase will be broadcasted on NTV ‘Zoom In Super’ and Fuji TV ‘Tokunanae’ on the 29th. BEAST will be coming back to Korea in the morning of the 28th and appear on SBS ‘Inkigayo’.


Notice the ages of the fans; everybody and their mom - literally- loves B2ST lol
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