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Flawless Jeff, Mik The Rapper and Boy-ish Joe in his HP's cape rock Seoul with new korean songs

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[News] 101128 JYJ Held The First Worldwide Concert in Seoul… 35,000 Enthusiastic Fans

JYJ (Youngwoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu) showed a brilliant stage once the curtain rose at their first worldwide concert ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’.

JYJ opened their concert on November 27th at 20:00 at Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Seoul by expressing condolences to the bereaved families of all soldiers and victims of gunfire incident at Yeonpyeongdo island, the members wished a soon recovery while also said their gratitude to audiences who held donation for charity to the victims.

Under the direction of worldwide director Jeri Slaughter, JYJ completed their concert by showing a splendid performance. JYJ successfully lived up their astonished skill reputation without fail. The concert was conducted for about 150 minutes, despite the cold weather that suddenly hit the country, local and overseas fans of more than 35,000 people had attended the venue.

JYJ began the stage with performances of their hit songs ‘Ayyy Girl’ and ‘Chajatta’ before proceeding to the solo stages of each members’ self composed songs. At Jaejoong’s ‘Still in Love’ performance, he had a sexy choerography with one of the female dancer that drew a jealousy cheers from all fans. Yoochun performed two songs namely ‘I Love You’ and ‘Chwi jung jin dam (Drunken Truth)’ (T/N: Fly To The Sky’s song), an explosive power of the songs came out from his soft singing voice. While Junsu wrapped a stage with song called ‘Empty’ (T/N: I think it’s wrong? shouldn’t it ‘I Can Soar’?) that featured a large orchestra on stage which blended in a fantastic harmony. There were also new songs that were disclosed for the first time and got a hot response from fans such as ‘Nine’, ‘Fallen Leaves’, ‘Mission make it’.

At the song ‘Be My Girl Remix’ JYJ and their fans became one in the performance. A few days before the concert, Junsu taught fans the songs’ choreography through video that was uploaded via twitter, therefore as the song began, JYJ members successfully carried through a passionate stage together with all the audiences.

Meanwhile the concert official said, “The installation of the venue roof structure was completed already, however due to sudden hail fall in the morning, before the concert started we had to completely remove it to prevent any accidents.” In midst of performance, Yoochun said in regret, “We have prepared a roof ready to present audiences the best concert, however in concern to everyone’s safety, the roof structure was removed.” but fans chanted “We’re alright!” to comfort the members’ feeling.

Source: morningnews.com
Trans: [sharingyoochun.net]

[News] JYJ’s flashmob proves to be a success

Flashmobs have come a long way since they were first invented back in 2003. The term can be defined as an organization of everyday citizens who perform an act (typically a dance) for a period of time and then scatter. In one of the most recent flashmobs, the JYJ team asked their fans to learn the dance to the remix version of “Be My Girl”, where it was to be practiced at their Seoul concert.

K-pop fans have coordinated flashmobs in the past, such as 2PM’s “Again and Again” in 2009 or the many DBSK flashmobs organized by Cassiopeians. It is not often that an artist would organize this type of event for their concert. The idea to learn the dance began a week ago with a simple YouTube video gone viral. This campaign of JYJ’s proved to be a success. Look below for the fancams from Saturday’s concert in Seoul.

Source: [Koreaboo]
YT' Credits: [sr7150000] + [Hazkkasi]

101128 J.Y.J’s Jaejoong Apologizes For The One Hour Delay at Their Concert in Seoul

JYJ’s ‘Worldwide Concert in Seoul‘ was recently held at the Jamsil Sports Complex Olympics Stadium on the evening of November 27th. However, setbacks near the beginning of the concert unfortunately forced fans to wait in the freezing cold for an hour.

Due to a sudden hailstorm on the day of the event, the marquee that was covering the roofless stadium had ripped, and various stage equipment needed to be adjusted in order for a safe showcase to be held.

JYJ member Yoochun stated, “We put in a lot of effort to prepare for this concert, but because of the hailstorm this morning, the tent ripped completely. We thought the ripped covering would hurt the spectators and decided to remove it, which consequently resulted in a delay.

Jaejoong also expressed a word of apology on his Twitter after the event, as he said:

Because of the ripped ceiling due to the sudden hailstorm, we had to change around a lot of the stage, so we’re sorry that we couldn’t do the laser show and couldn’t use the front assistant stage.. and because of that, we had a longer rehearsal and had setbacks and delays, which we’re very sorry for as well.. Thank you for smiling even when it was cold.. We’ll show a better concert tomorrow..

We were really excited up until the concert day.. the fact that a show like no other had turned into a total disaster.. The moment we went to the concert venue this morning.. I had tears in my eyes. What Junsu was most sad about was that, the moment the ceiling got ripped because of the natural disaster, he said he felt like he was lying to the fans..

But since we had to have a good concert.. We quickly changed the cue sheet and stage.. We won’t have a roof tomorrow either, but we’ll show a better concert than today. Fighting.!

Even though there’s a saying that it’s better to give your ‘best effort’ than showing the ‘best’, we wanted to show our ‘best efforts’ on the ‘best’ stage. We’re just really happy and thankful for everyone who came to the concert today. I will sleep tonight thinking of that. For the people who are coming to the concert tomorrow.. It’s really cold so please come in warm clothes.

Source: [Seoul Newspaper], [Jaejoong’s Twitter] + [allkpop]

[News] 101127 Actor Jin Yi Han tweeted on JYJ Concert

‘JYJ was great despite the cold. JYJ and their fans cheering for them are great. There are fans always behind you because you will be eternally there. JYJ fighting! Jaejoong fighting!’

Source: [YiHan_Jin]
Shared/trans by: [Shigai@sharingyoochun.net]


→ Mission [NEW SONG]

Empty + I.D.S. (I Deal Scenario) [NEW SONG]
→ Be The One
{JUNSU Focus}

Still in Love (Jaejoong Solo)
I can Soar (Junsu Solo)
Too Love (Junsu Solo from SKKS OST)
I Love You (Yoochun Solo)
For you, It's Separation, To me it's Waiting (Jaejoong Solo from SKKS OST)
→ Nine 9 [NEW SONG] (Composed/Written by Jaejoong)
{Yoochun Focus}

Pierrot [NEW SONG]
Fallen Leaves [NEW SONG]
{Full Audio}
{Longer Fancam, JAEJOONG Focus}

→ Drunken Truth (Yoochun Solo, Originally by Kim Dong Ryul)
{Audio because the fancams are pure SCREAAAM}

Ayyy Girl
→ Be my Girl
{JUNSU Focus}

Empty Orchestra Ver.

Youtube's Credits: [cocorojj] + [mizukihero129] + [Naver] + [7092010@YT] + [omXiahJnS@YT] +  [farahJYJ@YT]

I read somewhere that Junsu composed/wrote Fallen Leaves (? I thought It was Pierrot)  and Mission, If it's confirmed, I'm adding that.


Credits: [farahJYJ@YT]


1, 2,

Pierrot [Lyrics + Trans]

Oh~ Oh~~~~~~~~
난 너의 Pierrot 정말로 웃겨
Me, as your Pierrot, it’s really a joke
너에게 다 받쳐 찌들어
my mind getting it all from you, it dirty my mind
낸 눈 앞에 our bro 돈 앞엔 뭣도 없는
In front of me, my bro. in front of money, I’m nothing
완전한 넌 pro 제대로 p.s.m.
you’re a perfect pro, truly a p.s.m.
아직 어린 내께 또 무슨 짖을 하게 또
What kind of doings will you do to the me who is still young
이 더러운 손 좀 치워
Take away your dirty hands
상대도 하지마
Don’t even try to confront
어제의 우리가 아냐
we’re no longer the us from yesterday
눈 감아도 보여
I still see it even if I close my eyes
난 이제 master
I’m now the master
끝없이 파고 들어오는 건 no. no
delving like there’s no end no. no
그 정도 화보 따위에 가두려하지마
Don’t try to measure it up with fortune or misfortune for this extend
세상을 잘 봐. 너무나 멋져
Look properly at the world. It’s so beautiful
no. just do not touch me
I’m not a pierrot
더 넓은 하늘을 등지고 살고 싶어
I want to live under a wider sky
자류를 알고 싶어 더 높이 fly fly
I want to know the meaning of freedom. Fly fly much higher
나만의 새각이 있어
There’s only thoughts about myself
나만의 인생이 있어
There’s only my own life
감옥 같은 그 때 추억하기 싫어
I hate having to think about the days living in a prisoner cell
영원히 Bye bye bye
Forever Bye bye bye
너만의 그 생각 집어쳐
throw away those thoughts only of u
너의 그 핑계 집어쳐
throw away those excuses of yours
죽도록 더 고통스러운 날들로 가득할 테니까
because it will only be filled with those days of misery and pain
no future no freedom It’s just like a chase for us but it doesn’t matter
now we’re just gonna walk out way for the rest of my life

Credits: inhye87@twitter + petiteange22@soompi
Shared by: DBSKnights 

DBSKnights' note: If you guys are wondering what is a pierrot here is an explanation from one of the fan's comments from the vid -
Pierrot is a pantomime character that is portrayed as a sad clown, pining for love of Columbine, who usually breaks his heart and leaves him for Harlequin. Pierrot is seen as a fool who is always trusting and naive.If you guys noticed, the dancers were wearing white masks which was how Pierrot's character was acted out in plays.
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