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4Minute reveals "Heo GaYoon is the member who ignores what others say the most"

4Minute provided updates after recently beginning their activities in Japan.

4Minute participated in a corner called 'Don't Copy Me' of MBC's youthful variety show 'Bouquet' where a competition of perfect pitch was held. In this 1:1 corner, a head on head match takes place where the two participants must sing a nursery song with different lyrics but similar rhythms; the person who ends up singing the wrong nursery song becomes the loser.

Specifically speaking, a battle between Heo GaYoon − who defeated Secret's Han SunHwa during a speaking competition from a previous airing − and Han SunHwa again will unfold.

However, while the participants of the perfect pitch competition were being rated, the other members revealed that Heo GaYoon "usually ignores what others say" bringing laughter to everyone on set.

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