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4Minute Reenacts All That Jazz from 'Chicago' Perfectly. 'Surprised'

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4Minute reveals their performance of 'All That Jazz' from the musical 'Chicago' for the very first time.

On November 28th, MBC's youthful variety show 'Bouquet' will air with the auditions that were held to select the lead female role for the show's first musical 'Legally Blonde'.

On this day − though they were busy with a tight schedule flying from Japan to Korea − 4Minute garnered much attention for presenting a perfect preparation of a performance from the musical 'Chicago' to become the lead female role of the musical 'Legally Blonde'. 4Minute also demonstrated their enthusiasm by spending day and night monitoring their own practice videos in order to display a flawless performance.

Having recently begun acting in a drama, 4Minute's leader Nam JiHyun particularly shows capability of not only acting in dramas but performing in musicals as well.

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