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Princesses of T-Ara Donate 20MILLION to Yeonpyeong Island

7-membered girl group T-ara has donated 20 million won(roughly $20,000) towards the defense fund of Yeonpyeong island after the attack of North Korea.

On November 26, a representative from CCM said, "They want to donate this much money towards Yeonpyeong island, but they don't know who to send it to."

With the donation, T-ara left their message :

"When we heard about the tragedy of the Cheonan ship sinking, we were sad because of the lives unjustly lost. We express our sincere condolences to the lost civilians and soldiers. The fact that North Korea see our country as a country they can play around with, it angers us.

When we were young, our parents always told us that they tried everything they can to help their country. They collect gold and give it to the government to help South Korea. Although our donation may seem small, we believe we need to strengthen our nation and that this donation will help in someway."

Source: Nate & *YANiPOPO*

get it girls
Tags: charity, t-ara
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