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Yang apologizes to S. Korea media

Taiwanese taekwondo athlete Yang Shu-chun yesterday spoke out against the anti-South Korea sentiments brewing in Taiwan as a result of her controversial disqualification at the Asia Games in Guangzhou, apologizing for the nation's burning of South Korean flags and other provocative actions to a South Korean news reporter.
However, the gold-medal winner in the 2008 Asian Taekwondo Championships did not back down when it came to how she was treated at the Asia Games.

“I am only apologizing for the burning of the flags and other misbehavior,” Yang said to a Seoul Broadcasting Station (SBS) news reporter who was sent to Taiwan to interview her.

“I am still fighting for my innocence,” continued Yang in regards to reports that she cheated with her sock sensors. “I still believe that the situation was taken out of context.”

The SBS reporter interviewed Yang last night on the streets close to her residence. The athlete became visibly upset when discussing the brewing anti-South Korea sentiments.

To decrease the public animosity, Yang told many news outlets yesterday that her disqualification “had nothing to do with South Korea.” She also apologized to the South Korean public for the nation's politicians who have used her name to garner support during the elections.

Olympic Council President Statement Removed

A statement by the president of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) expressing support for a referee's decision to disqualify Yang was removed from the OCA website yesterday.

The Taiwanese athlete used “unfair technology ... it was a very fair suspension,” OCA chief Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah said Saturday at a closing press conference of the Asian Games, while the controversy was still under investigation.

The OCA removed the statement from its official website the next day after the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee expressed concern.

Yang, 25, was accused on Nov. 17 of wearing illegal electronic sensors in her socks when competing against a Vietnamese opponent. She was immediately disqualified and eliminated for attempting to cheat.

Source: chinapost
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