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5 Super Stars United Forever As One Celebrates 2000 Days, “We Are Still One”

SS501 Greets “Debut 2000 days, We Are Still One”

On 28-Nov, 5-member male group SS501 had their 2000 days of debut and expressed their thankfulness to their fans.

SS501’s magnae HyungJun wished for the best for 5 members through his own twitter account “It’s 2000 days already~ I pray for all 5 of us to work hard and be filled only with even happier things”.

In addition he said “And Green Peas who have always walked beside us, thank you ^^ Mansae Mansae Mansae” conveying his thankful message to the fans.

Lead vocal YoungSaeng said in a cute manner congratulating their 2000 days “Today is already 2000days?? Time flies~~~” and “You and I, we are all (growing) old together~keke

KyuJong also expressed his thankfulness with the flood of fans’ congratulatory messages “Thank you!! Let’s congratulate each other!!!^^

With an upcoming album release, JungMin expressed “It’s 2000 days! I am with this guy HyungJunnie while he posted (tweet?) himself keke Thank you to those who have given us love beyond that in these 2000 days !!^^

In addition, JungMin watched HyungJun’s musical play ‘Café-in’ and left a supportive message “Will be looking forward to it! Strive on!^^ Please give lots of love to Café-in!

Meanwhile, SS501 ended their contract with their initial agency DSP Media in June and members signed with different agencies.

With this, it is a happy mood with fans congratulating them for their 2000 days and members leaving thanks messages. Despite concerns on their disbandment, they kept their 2000 days and showed their friendship, fans supported by sending ‘Happy 2000 days!’ messages.

They congratulated 2000 days with messages such as “I am very grateful that all 5 members were being mentioned” “We will be together not only for 2000 days but even for 20 years” “Please show us all 5 of you standing on the stage

Credits : star.mt.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

SS501 celebrates their 2,000th day anniversary

On November 28th, SS501 celebrated their 2,000th day anniversary by leaving messages for their fans via their personal Twitters.

Maknae Hyung Joon: “It’s already 2,000 days~ I pray that all five of us work hard and are filled with happy events. And to the peas, thank you^^ Hooray, hooray, hooray!”

Lead vocalist Young Saeng: “Is today already our 2,000th day?? Time sure flies fast~ You, me, all of us are getting older~ keke”

Kyujong: “Thank you!! Let’s congratulate each other!!!^^”

Jung Min: “It’s our 2,000th day! Hyung Joon was with me and he cried all by himself keke Thank you to everyone who has loved us for 2,000 days!!^^” Regarding Hyung Joon’s musical, “Caffeine“: “I’ll be anticipating it! Strength! ^^ Please give a lot of love to ‘Caffeine!‘”

After previous rumors regarding the group’s disbandment, fans have been expressing their joy over the members affirming that the group will indeed be staying together. Fans congratulated the group’s anniversary, leaving comments such as, “Thanks for mentioning all five,” “Not just 2,000 days, let’s stay together for 20 years,” and “Please show us a stage with all five of you.”

Source: allkpop

happy anniversary our lovely boys ♥ 2011 will be your year!! + awww for endless Tom&Jerry love for each other :3
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