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Moon Hee Jun Converts from a Sone and Bows Down to the Queens of T-Ara

H.O.T’s former member, Moon Hee Jun expressed his admiration for T-ara member Eunjung’s talents on the December 1st episode of MBC’s “Radio Star.”

He began by stating, “I always thought that the person that sang the highlight part in T-ara’s ‘Crazy Because of You‘ would do well as a solo artist. I wanted to bring her to me once her contract ended and produce her myself.”

Eunjung, unable to hide her joy after being complimented by a senior, began singing her highlight part on the spot, causing Moon to exclaim, “Oh, it’s her!”

MC Kim Gura sarcastically butted in by adding, “You can’t even raise yourself, what’re you talking about being the CEO?” Moon retorted, “Why not? I’m not bad, you know!,” but soon after turned towards Eunjung and asked, “Please raise me. I’ll work hard.”

Moon then went on to reveal, “I’ve always liked SNSD up until the point where I saw another team that managed to shake my heart. It was none other than T-ara. I fell in love with Jiyeon after seeing her dance to ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep.‘” Jiyeon then got up and began dancing the choreography, causing Moon to shout with joy while the others burst out with laughter.

source: allkpop and Nate

always knew he was my favorite member of h.o.t for a reason
Tags: girls generation, moon hee jun, t-ara

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