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Kim Dongwan Talks About "Scripted" Variety Shows

[10.12.01] Dongwan's memolog: My eye wrinkles complex
First of all I don't have a complex about my eye wrinkles.
I don't have a complex about my appearance.
I have a complex about my allergies,
And not being able to adjust my mental attitude...
I don't have a complex about my eye wrinkles.

Back then on a program there was a segment to talk about complexes,
When going through the script prior to the show, I said "I don't have any complex!"
They just laughed it off and pointed out this and that, asking "if those aren't your complexes, what is?"...
[This is like asking close female celebrity friends to name a few top stars
And they go, "There's no one that I want to get to know. ~Keke" and make you go speechless. -_-]
It seems that if I get upset about something or nitpick on something, I have a complex about that
So I just roughly picked my eyes among a few possibilities that others may think of...

So it's not that the writer told me to say "I have a complex about my eye wrinkles".
Anyone would think that what I meant what I said... But it was a lie.
I like my eye wrinkles. It can hide my fussy personality,
And I like looking imperfect...
But saying that now seems weird, doesn't it.

It's time to return to these scary variety shows... ㅜㅠ

Translation: 수미 @ AbsolutShinhwa
Source: Dongwan's Naver blog

I think this is a very interesting look into how random comments haphazardly made on variety shows become so attached to idols that it almost starts to define them and carries into every single show and interview afterward. I'm sure there are a few examples we can all think of...
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