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Despite trolling his life, Changmin still likes Jiyoung

2AM’s Changmin expressed his infinite affection for KARA’s Kang Jiyoung on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together.”

Changmin had previously chosen her as his ideal woman on another variety program but was unfortunately rejected by her due to the difference in their ages.

Jun Hyun Mu, who had been at the scene, commented, “It’s hard to be so direct on variety programs, but she said she didn’t like him right off the bat.

Changmin clarified, “Well, my youngest uncle is seven years older than me, so of course Jiyoung thinks I’m an old man since we’re eight years apart.

Changmin was rejected once again on the broadcast due to Jiyoung being a minor, leading Park Myung Soo to add, “You know, you can get married even as a minor as long as you get permission from your parents.” When asked to try to put herself in the position of her parents, Jiyoung adamantly refused, causing the studio to burst out in laughter.

On the topic of Jiyoung’s charms, Changmin replied, “She’s so cute, I want her as my little sister.” When asked by Park Mi Sun, “Really, just your little sister?,” Changmin shyly covered his face, causing Seulong to comment, “That’s disgusting!

Despite the KARA members even revealing the bad sleeping habits of Jiyoung, ‘Jiyoung Sunflower’ during the show, Changmin disagreed and gave a fatherly smile while stating that even her snoring and teeth gritting sounded adorable.

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Getting creepy, changmin
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