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Shin Hyesung's Concert Is A Success, New Song Name Is Announced

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It’s been five years since Shin Hye Sung, the lead vocalist of male group Shinhwa, made his solo debut and it’s been 18 months since his last big concert. So it was to a jubilant audience of 1500 fans that the singer returned to on December 4th, with an intimate 2-hour long concert.

To stay true to the concert’s name, ‘Close To You‘, Shin Hye sung chose a smaller venue in order to create an intimate atmosphere with his fans. He also selected that particular venue out of a sense of nostalgia, since it was where he held his first solo meet.

Not only did Shin Hye Sung perform his hit tracks like “First Person” and “Peter Pan’s Serenade“, but he also covered many other songs including 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” and Michael Jackson’s “Beat It“.

Shin Hye Sung announced that he will be making a solo comeback in January 2011, and stirred up his fans with a preview of his upcoming title track, “Think About It“.

As the concert winded down to its close, the singer expressed his concluding thoughts: “It’s been a long time since I’ve performed and this moment right here makes me so very happy. What strengthens my will to continue singing is all of you. I will return soon with good music.”

Source: allkpop

I NEED fancams ASAP. XD

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