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SIA interview with F.CUZ

We interviewed the group F.CUZ who even before their debut in Korea in Jan 2010 gained the interest from people through the Internet. In September they held their first show case “Hug My Heart” in Japan and gained the love of Japanese fans. In December they’ll come back to hold a concert for their fans.

I never thought we’d end up in the same group as Jinon….

-----I’ve heard you have members who are graduates from the same high school?
Jinon: Yes, originally me, Yejun and Kan are from the same high school. They are my under classmates.
Kan: Jinon-hyung is our saviour.
LeeU: At first I thought Kan was half. With his broad shoulders he seemed to have a lot of confidence and seemed quite arrogant (laugh). Yejun had silky hair, fair skin, a cute smile and seemed charming.. Jinon-hyung…
(Kan and Yejun start laughing)
Jinon: Why are you laughing? It’s not something bad right? It’s something good? (laugh)
LeeU: Jinon was the first member I met but at that time he was wearing jeans, a long-sleeved t-shirt and swept back hair. He also had a beard so at first I thought he was a handsome manager. (laugh) I heard from the company president that he was the leader.
Jinon: In the beginning LeeU really didn’t like the idea of me being in the group. The face he made when the company president told him I was a part of the group clearly said “I really don’t want to do this with him!”. (laugh)
LeeU: I was really worried about having someone who seemed so old be a part of an idol group…
Kan: But in reality there’s only a 1 year difference between them. (laugh)
LeeU: When I went for lessons, he had let down his hair and cut his beard so he looked similar to the actor Kwon Sang-woo. At that time I realized what a difference it made in his looks when he had his hair down in comparison to up. (laugh) Jinon has a face that the more you look at it the more charming it gets. (grin)

-----The names you’re using are not your real names right?
Jinon: Yejun is using his real name. Yejun has the image of a “little prince” and it just happens to be so that his real name was cute so it was decided he could keep it. LeeU was doing solo activities under the name U before he became a member of F.CUZ and it was decided he should change it a bit so he added his real last name Lee so it became LeeU. For Kan they wanted for him to have a name with a strong feeling and lots of suggestions were discussed…
LeeU: Like “Lan” and “Zero”
Yejun: In the end Kan’s mother called and said that the name “Kan” had the meaning of “emperor” so how about that? And that’s how it was decided. The name that was hardest to come up with was…
Everyone: Jinon-hyung
Kan: He insisted on keeping his real name.
Jinon: Since there’s a Korean comedian with the same name as me (Kim Jinchul) everyone rejected the idea ferociously. I really wanted to keep it though since it was a really nice name given to me by my parents…..
LeeU: So it was decided he could keep the “Jin” part…
Jinon: I’m the leader so I wanted something that would show my central role in F.CUZ. That’s when the word “Engine” surfaced. With the meaning of “I’ll turn F.CUZ’s engine ON” the name JinOn was created for me…
Yejun: That’s why his last name is En.
LeeU & Kan: En JinOn. (laugh)

If they were to date it would be LeeUxJinon and KanXYejun!?

-----Jinon you previously answered the question “If you were reborn as a female which member would you date?” with “Even if I was reborn 100 times I’d always choose LeeU”…..
Jinon: I still haven’t changed my mind.
LeeU: Should we really start dating? (laugh)
Yejun: If I was a girl I’d date Kan. Even though he’s a really strong person, he’s also a bit of an airhead which if I was a female is something I’d find charming I think.
Jinon: It actually seems like regardless of which of you turned female you’d be a pretty good pair. But if you got married you’d probably immediately end up in the court house. (laugh) If me and LeeU dated we might not be as lovey-dovey as these two would be but if we got married I think we’d live a happy life.

-----and why is that?
Jinon: LeeU and I have opposite personalities but I think we would be able to compromise our way along. Love is about self-assertion but isn’t there a saying that the enjoyable thing about marriage is “compromising”? I think we’d be able to live happily ever after.
LeeU: I like men who can cook (laugh)
Jinon: But those two seems like they’d end up in the court house after only being married for 1 month. (laugh)
Yejun: Love is a Yes! Marriage is a No! (laugh)

-----No one else would work?
Jinon: I don’t think so. (laugh) Yejun’s incredibly indecisive so if I was a girl I’d probably get really irritated and end up hitting him. (laugh)

Q/A corner:

Question 1: What’s your dream?
Question 2: What are you into recently?
Question 3: What music have you’ve been listening to a lot recently?
Question 4: What recent dream have you had that left a big impression on you?
Question 5: What’s something you do each day without fail?
Question 6: How many texts do you send a day?
Question 7: An idol you’re friends with
Question 8: What type of female do you like?
Question 9: Do you prefer long or short hair?
Question 10: Dogs or cats?
Question 11: Which present from your fans made you the happiest?
Question 12: What ringtone do you use and what's your standby display picture of?
Question 13: What variety show would you like to make an appearance on?
Question 14: To where in Korea would you like to bring a fan?

Jinon-------When I go to school the younger kids always cheer me on with a ”good luck!” (laugh)

Q1: To become a great entertainer.
Q2: The drama ”My girlfriend’s a Gumiho”
Q4: We appeared in the TV-show “Super star K Season 2” and was all selected to be the last 4, but I was the first to get voted off. A dream in which all of the members from F.CUZ appeared.
Q5: To post something on Twitter or on my blog.
Q6: 10. (To my parents, my members, our manager etc)
Q7: Junhyung from BEAST, Seungho from MBLAQ
Q8: The lead of “My Girlfriend’s a Gumiho”, Miho. I like a girl who’s charming and has a pure smile.
Q9: Long hair. (Gu Miho’s wavy long hair)
Q10: I’m afraid of cats. So dogs.
Q11: A book filled with my pictures and a letter written by a fan on the same day she started liking me.
Q12: A normal ringing tone. My display picture is of Shin Min Ah (the actress playing Gu Miho).
Q13: We got married
Q14: Jeju-do

--He recently went back to school but has yet to make that many friends so the younger members always cheer him on.
LeeU: Before hyung goes off to school we all hug him.
Kan: When he comes home we hug him again. Since he went back to school he’s been tweeting a lot more (laugh)
LeeU: Tweets like “Today I’m eating lunch alone again” or “Today I’m drinking an Americano alone”.
Yejun: You drink too much coffee.
LeeU: He drinks at least 3 cups a day.

LeeU ----- He has tried answering the tweets he's received from my Japanese fans on Japanese.

Q1: To become a great singer like my father
Q2: iPhone4 and Japanese dramas. Right now I’m watching “Ikebukuro West Gate Park” and want to go there.
Q3: The songs we’re currently recording
Q4: A dream of buying an iPhone4, a dream of collaborating with my father or another famous singer, a dream about receiving a pair of NIKE shoes which has my name engraved. (laugh)
Q5: Taking a shower, eating. To sing and listen to music. To watch an episode of a Japanese Drama. I’ve been so hooked on watching dramas lately I feel like I’ll get insomnia. (laugh)
Q6: About 50. I exchange texts with my parents but most of it is chat (twitter).
Q7: Kibum from U-KISS, Kyuhyun-hyung from Super Junior
Q8: Someone with pale skin and a pretty smile.
Q9: Long hair
Q10: Cats
Q11: Chocolate which wrapping was a picture of me and my father. The fan used a photo from my childhood that even I don’t have which made both me and my father happy.
Q12: For people from Can&J the ringtone is F.CUZ’s “BMG”, for my friends I use SE7EN’s “Better Together” and for everyone else it’s Ito Yuna’s “Endless Story”. The waiting song is the song I sang for Secret Agent Miss Oh’s OST “Saranghage Haejuseyo”. My display picture is of an guitar and a microphone.
Q13: 1 Night 2 Days
Q14: Namsan (Seoul Tower)

LEEU talks about F.CUZ
We decided our name by ourselves. We have 6 cameras installed in our rehearsal studio to be able to monitor our practice and when we were playing around with one of them I saw the word ”FOCUS”. If we were to use an English name I wanted to use a name which was familiar to many. “FOCUS” is a word that is often used in Korea and sounds good, so we added our own meaning to it and made our team name “F.CUZ”.

Kan ------- The one who calmed me down and talked to me during my audition was Jinon-hyung. Therefore he is my saviour.
Q1: For F.CUZ to get famous enough that we’re known wherever we go.
Q2: Writing lyrics and songs.
Q3: Foreign songs.
Q4: A dream about meeting friends from school who I haven’t seen in a long time. We met up and had fun. It was just a dream but still.
Q5: Kickboxing and other sports.
Q6: Except for Twitter I rarely send texts (laugh)
Q7: Karam from Dae guk nam ah and Kiseop from U-KISS
Q8: Someone who’s similar to me. Someone who’s unpredictable and cute.
Q9: If it suits that person it doesn’t matter.
Q10: Cats. LeeU-hyung looks like a cat which I like (laugh)
Q11: The NIKE shoes I received from a fan abroad for my birthday. At the place where the logo is my name Kan and my birthdate (0903) is engraved.
Q12: A siren. The waiting tone is the pre-set one. My display picture is of iPhone’s apple. I don’t know how to set my waiting tone (laugh)
Q13: Bouquet
Q14: Dongdaemun. I want to go shopping together there.

MEMBERS Talk about KAN
Yejun: Kan seems tough but he’s really friendly and pure.
LeeU: Even though he looks like that he’s really charming, he likes collecting figures and other cute stuff.
Jinon: In our group each member has a different image. Kan’s image was supposed to be of someone quiet and charismatic but on stage he winks and show peace signs so it failed. (laugh)

Yejun -------- Before he hated being called ”cute” but now he thinks it’s nice!
Q1: I want to have my name remembered by as many as possible
Q2: Vocal lessons
Q3: 4MEN’s “U”
Q4: A dream about going on a date with a beautiful girl (laugh)
Q5: Vocalization practice
Q6: About 50. (Since I can rarely meet my friends)
Q7: Soohyun from U-KISS
Q8: Someone with pale skin and a beautiful smile.
Q9: Long hair
Q10: Dogs
Q11: The cake I received for my birthday with my face on. I’m keeping it in my fridge without eating it. I’d like to store it forever! Q12: My ringtone is the pre-set one. The waiting song is F.CUZ’s “No One”, and the display photo is the one the iPhone came with.
Q13: Infinite Challenge
Q14: The 63 Building on Yeouido island. There’s a lot of fun things to do there so!

JINON talks about YEJUN
When I first met Yejun he didn’t have any confidence in himself so when he was called cute he answered with ”I’m just told that because I’m a boring person”. But in reality, Yejun has the most fans. When I said ”Look at all the messages the fans are leaving you. If you understand just how loved you are you’ll also find self confidence” he started reading the messages every day like a mad person. Now he’s gotten too confident so recently we’ve been banning him from the Internet. (laugh)

Hyung-team (JinonxLeeU) VS Dongsaeng-team (KanxYejun)
How much do you know about your partner?

We split them up in 2 teams, JinonxLeeU’s hyung-team and KanxYejun’s dongsaeng team. After that we asked them questions about their partner. The one who knows the most about his partner wins! 1 point for each correct answer. The loosing team will face a penalty. So, which team won?

Q. 01

What’s your teammates favourite (Japanese) dish? LeeU will guess Jinon’s and Kan will guess Yejun’s.
LeeU: What can it be, horumonyaki?
Kan: I think it’s sushi. Sushi!
----And the correct answer is?
Jinon: Meat! It’s beef~!
Yejun: Sushi!
----Dongsaeng-team was correct!
Hyung-team: 0 points | Dongsaeng-team 1 point

Q. 02
Who’s LeeU’s and Kan’s most afraid of?
Jinon: For LeeU I think it has to be his father.
Yejun: Isn’t it our company president?
----So, who’s correct? Please reveal your answers!
LeeU: It’s Jinon-hyung (laugh)
Kan: The General
Kan: It’s our company president. Yejun calls him “The General”!
----That means the dongsaeng-team was right~!
Hyung-team 0 points | Dongsaeng-team 2 points

Q. 03
What country does Jinon and Yejun want to travel to?
Jinon: Wait a second. All we need to do to get a point is to match each other’s answers, right?
----Well I guess you can say that. So, what do you think the correct answer is?
LeeU: Isn’t it Japan?
Jinon: ! (making a surprised face)
Kan: I think it’s USA
Yejun: You’re right! It’s USA! Correct!
Jinon: The correct answer is Canada. I first thought of Japan, but it seemed like LeeU wrote a long answer so I changed it to Canada.
LeeU: It’s because I wrote Japan in both Korean and Japanese.
Jinon: So unnecessary!
Hyung team: 0 points | Dongsaeng-team 3 points

Q. 04
What’s the other member’s twitter account? If one member is right you’ll get 1 point, and if both are right you’ll get 2 points.
Jinon: LeeU’s is LUsydrome
LeeU: Jinon-hyung’s is jinchulvv
Yejun: Kan’s is ChoiKANism
Kan: …and Yejun’s is Only1Yejun
LeeU: This was easy, right? It’s because I made Jinon’s account.
Kan: Jinon, you left out the “n”! LeeU-hyung’s is LUsy”n”drome!”
----Since Jinon was wrong (laugh) the hyung-team receives 1 point and the dongsaeng-team 2 points!
Hyung-team 1 point | Dongsaeng-team 5 points

Q. 05

What’s your partner’s type?
LeeU: Gu Miho!
Jinon: Correct!
Yejun: A cute person, perhaps?
----Kan, what’s the correct answer?
Kan: A girl who has respect in herself.
----Hyung-team got a point!
Hyung-team 2 points | Dongsaeng-team 5 points

Q. 06
What movie did LeeU and Kan recently watch that touched them?
Jinon: Wait! Please give us a chance to turn this game around!
LeeU: How about from now on if you’re right, you’ll get 3 points?
Yejun: It’s just because they said we’re soon reaching the last question. That’s how much they don’t want receive the punishment (laugh)
Kan: Eeeh? I guess it can’t be helped. Aah~ I’m getting nervous!
----So from now on if you’re correct you’ll get 3 points. A question with a turn-around chance! Please give us your answer!
Jinon: “If only”
Yejun: “1 litre of tears”, right?
----Believe it or not, both teams were correct!
LeeU: That you knew touches me! I feel like I’m going to cry (laugh)
Jinon: Of course! I’m En Jinon (laugh)
----Since both teams were right we’ll just give them 1 point each.
Hyung-team 3 points | Dongsaeng-team 6 points

Q. 07
What’s a song Jinon and Yejun often listens to? This is the final question!
LeeU: ”Only you”*
Jinon: Correct! LeeU you’re a genius!
Kan: (shows a blank paper) ….I don’t know (tears)
Yejun: The correct answer is ”U”~~
----And thus the results are Hyung-team 6 points | Dongsaeng-team 6 points, a draw!

(* I think it’s the song from Winter Sonata but I’m not sure)

So in the end, who won….?
With the hyung-team’s eleventh hour comeback we ended up deciding on the winner through rock, paper, scissors. In the end the dongsaeng-team won (laugh). As a punishment LeeU and Jinon had to treat Yejun and Kan for dinner that evening.

Source: soltykapi; part 1 part 2
Translation: muilla@LJ

Please don't re-post this translation without my permission. Thanks. 

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