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Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald

Was Ryu Hwa Young nervous about joining T-ara?

T-ara’s newest member, Ryu Hwa Young, shared her feelings on joining the group via a short interview with KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay.”

Hwa Young, who debuted with the group in their “YaYaYa” promotions, was asked by the reporter, “Were you not scared of the unnis?

Being the second maknae of the group (alongside Jiyeon), Hwa Young replied, “I wasn’t scared, I was just really nervous because they were all so pretty.

When the reporter turned to Jiyeon to ask whether she felt upset about having to share the privileged maknae position, Jiyeon answered, “I’m actually glad I have a friend my age now.”

Moving on, the girls were then asked to choose the one member that was never home, and without hesitation, they all chose Eun Jung. Since Eun Jung is currently busy filming for KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama, “Dream High“, she added, “I think I’ll only get busier because of the drama…

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