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This is a Big Bang Post

Seungri composed songs for his solo activities next year

Big Bang’s Seungri will begin his solo activities with his own songs.

An official from YG Entertainment revealed. “Seungri will return as solo artist in January next year. This time though, with songs he composed and wrote on his own.”

According to officials, Seungri along with TOP have been steadily studying writing and composing [music]. Seungri’s last solo activities were with his song “Strong Baby”, off of Big Bang’s second album from November 2008. This time with self-written songs his solo activities are much more meaningful. As for the undefined title, member G-Dragon was said to have provided some help with the arrangement.

It was announced that after a long time Seungri will release a digital single on January 3rd next year and begin his solo activities. Because of this his activities in MBC variety show “Enjoy Today” were put off.

Meanwhile, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and TOP will begin to work as a unit in December for their solo careers and in February Big Bang’s vigorous activities are expected to begin.

source: spn, translated by alee @ibigbang

SK TWorld (a telecom company) has been dropping hints on its official Facebook and Twitter accounts for the past few days about the guests that will attend its event, Christmas T Social Party, on the 24th at Club Heaven. Obvious clues like "hip-hop duo", "fashionistas", "VIP", etc. were posted so BIGBANG fans already knew more or less which members will be attending.

Yesterday, December 5, they uploaded a video ad on Youtube confirming the celebrities that will be present at the event. The list of the confirmed guests includes BIGBANG's G-Dragon and T.O.P, Se7en and Leessang. See video below:

Big Bang’s Seungri revealed his thirst for the variety world during a press conference for the “2010 YG Family Concert” on December 5th.

Meeting with reporters after the concert, Seungri was asked whether he felt pressure in having to show not-so-pleasant sides to himself, to which he answered, “Not at all.”

Seungri previously amused viewers through SBS’s “Family Outing” and “Strong Heart” with his candid confessions, even earning the nickname ‘variety idol.’

He continued, “I don’t think that idols have a separate image they need to maintain. If it’s for my fans to see, I have confidence in showing them a variety of different sides to me, not only as a singer on stage.”

Regarding his leave from MBC’s “Enjoy Today” due to his comeback album preparations, Seungri continued, “I’m busy right now for my solo album, but I want to return to my fans through variety programs soon. I’ll be honing my variety skills until then.”

Source: Star News via Nate

I love this kid. that is all.

Sources: ibigbang, realgilbakk@yt, bigbangupdates, bigbangupdates-2, bigbangupdates-3, SKTsocial@yt, allkpop
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