The End of the Kingdom of Ends (notyourgeisha) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
The End of the Kingdom of Ends

(O.O) Uee-face's drama gets the axe

It was recently announced that the broadcasting of After School’s UEE’s golf drama on MBC, titled “Birdie Buddy“, has been cancelled.

“We made a final decision to not organize a production for “Birdy Buddy”. The drama was meant to succeed the Monday-Tuesday miniseries, “Queen of Reversals”, however, during the negotiation meeting with our subcontracts, they felt it was unsuitable and was rejected as a result,” revealed a representative of MBC.

They continued, “The drama “Friends of Switched Fates” will be aired after “Queen of Reversals” instead. We have plans to extend the number of episodes for “Queen of Reversals”, however, there are no concrete details on whether the plan will go through and how many episodes we will add.”

However, because the production of ‘Friends of Switched Fates‘ began too late to commence broadcasting episodes for January 2011, MBC are considering measures for showing “Birdie Buddy” as a short transmission drama between “Queen of Reversals” and “Friends of Switched Fates“.

Source: Nate, AKP

At least she gets to sleep more now? She missed a lot of Bang! promotions for this, tho :(
Tags: drama, uee

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