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The latest on the drug scandals drama

Seoul Police charged rapper Crown J without detention for smoking marijuana Sunday.

The 31-year-old, who’s real name is Kim Kei-hoon, is suspected of smoking the illegal drug on several occasions at his house in Atlanta, the United States, according to police.

A police investigation team arrested the pop artist upon his arrival at Incheon International Airport on Dec. 2, and carried out tests on him to look for evidence of drug taking, according to a police report.

The report noted that Crown J had been buying the drug from international sources since May 2010 while residing in Atlanta,
and shared it with some other Koreans. The police are now looking for further information.

Meanwhile, Crown J said in the police interview that he had smoked marijuana on “only one or two occasions.”

Debuted in 2006, Crown J has so far released three albums and three singles, including “I’m Good,” in 2009.

He gained media attention in 2008 through appearing on the MBC reality show “We Got Married.”

In 2009, he flew to the United States in order to expand his musical career and until recently has been working on his new album in Atlanta.

The news of Crown J’s alleged activities comes as a double blow to many as it was revealed only a day after a TV actor’s arrest for drug use.

Actor Kim Sung-min was arrested at his apartment Friday for possessing methamphetamine.

Kim admitted that he purchased the drug from overseas and used it here regularly, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office said.

He also said Saturday in a Twitter message that he was “deeply sorry for those who have been hurt and disappointed in me, including my family members and loved ones.”

The prosecutors are now investigating his case further to find out where he obtained the drugs, which may help uncover other cases of recreational drug use.

Kim had been playing a high-profile character in KBS’s popular show “Happy Sunday ― The Qualities of a Man,” gaining a good-hearted reputation amongst the public with the reality show.

But, the KBS production team announced recently that they would drop him from the show following his arrest, and they edited him out of the prerecorded episode which aired Sunday.

Kim also appeared in various television dramas, such as “What’s for Dinner,” and “Glory of the Family.”

News of his arrest immediately hit the headlines over the weekend and sparked a flood of Internet comments.

Meanwhile, some of his colleagues, including singer Seo In-gook, left messages on Kim’s Twitter, which is now triggering further frenzied reactions on the Internet.

Seo, the winner of reality show “Superstar K,” wrote on Kim’s Twitter, “Cheer up, I still respect you …”

“I trust you, love you … cheer up because we’re here,” a TV presenter also wrote.

An Internet blogger described the comments as “totally unacceptable,” adding that they encourage the legalization of drug use, and cause public uproar.

Source: Oh Kyu-wook @ The Korea Herald

I guess some bitter Korean with whom Crown J smoked must have tattled him. o_O
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