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Yoon Doojoon interview with 10ASIA, "Nude scene? It will pass eventually"

“Something that you are confident in sitcoms compared to Kikwang, taking off clothes?”

Q You are an idol with many girl fans but, from your character being considered a pervert and being known for your feet smell, your idol image is starting to be ruined. Is that okay?
Yoon Doojoon: It’s okay for me. Even though my parents and other fans feel bad for me. (Laughs) However, since I am given a new genre instead of a singer, I am really having fun. Also being an idol isn’t anything else but a “younger singer” so since my life as an idol singer isn’t going to be long, I try my best in everything I do keeping that in mind.

Q If the kiss scene with Gain is release the fans will be shocked. How did it feel when you were filming with her?
Yoon Doojoon : It wasn’t like a kiss, but more like a peck, nevertheless I was embarrassed. I also made a lot of NGs as well. Ah, it wasn’t on purpose! Honestly I wasn’t really embarrassed, but Gain noona kept on being embarrassed. She was like “It’s only going to show the back side of my head, do I really have to do it?” (Laughs) For me, I kept on having Kwon in mind… since they come out as a spouse anyways. However Kwon had his own scene where he does the same kind of action as well.

Q There was a scene in which you are mistaken for a pervert because you are found lying down in the house with only your underwear on, was that your actual underwear?
Yoon Doojoon : It was sponsored. (Laughs) When I first read it in the script I thought it was going to be short pants, but I ended actually wearing actual underwear, but then again I wore two layers.

Q They say there is a scene where you have a part time job as a nude model.
Yoon Doojoon : I become the model in a act academy, but I will be filming that scene tomorrow. I didn’t I was going to strip all like this, but this is a big problem. I don’t even have time to sleep these days, but I couldn’t sleep because I was worrying about it. But, anyways it’s going to pass at some point.

Q What did the members say after watching? Lee Kikwang, who appeared on MBC happens to be your sunbae as well.
Yoon Doojoon : If we don’t have time to watch it on TV, we watch the videos that the fans makes with only cuts of me. There are some members who say it’s funny, but too embarrassing to watch. (Laughs) To Kikwang, I asked a lot about the filming set feel and systems rather than questions about acting and got help that way.

Q Even though you started late, is there a type of acting you think you can do better than others?
Yoon Doojoon : Taking off clothes? (Laughs) No, I can’t match up to Kikwang in taking off clothes.

Q Kiss scene?
Yoon Doojoon : Kikwang had a scene in which he kissed Jungeum noona as well. It was when we didn’t even debut so when Kikwang was like “I am going to be kissing Jungeum noona tomorrow~” I was jealous, but I didn’t get to see the members yet so I couldn’t show off. (Laughs)

Q If there is a goal you set for yourself as you entered a sitcom.
Yoon Doojoon : First of all, I decided that I am not going to be written in the articles in a bad way. I wanted to make sure I that I wasn’t harming the sitcom and that I wasn’t going to cause problems with my acting skills. I always think if I can portray something comically because acting and the script is a lot awkward for me still, but since this is my first official try at something, I want to learn a lot from it.

Q You must be busy preparing for the first concert in December. What kind of stage are you preparing?
Yoon Doojoon : If I have a sitcom filming to do, I get nervous because I have to miss concert practice. But since we have 6 members and we have too many members to have a solo stage for each of us, we are preparing a stage in a group of two. We are also planning to release the new songs we composed and written ourselves.

source: 10ASIA
trans: aoistars @ B2R
Tags: highlight, interview

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