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Super Junior on CNN's Talk Asia

 Leeteuk and Siwon on CNN's Talk Asia. A little clip was posted before, but now here is the full interview, with beautiful dubbing for the boys.

Leeteuk mostly talks but Siwon chirps in every now and then  It's a Super Junior interview foremost, but it's also from CNN talking about kpop in a broad sense so I recommend non-elfs to watch it too. =)))

Part 1:

part 1 highlights:

talk about how suju is an innovative band
explain how the sub-groups work
talk about how super junior m was controversial
how smtown in la was unprecedented for them
siwon being a cheeseball

source :: sujutvshow

part 2 highlights:

bts of their bangkok ss3 concert
how music is universal
where they get their songs from
how they all work out to look like siwon
how long they trained
leeteuk was a fan of New Kids on the Block. LOL
siwon wants to become a missionary later. yes.
talking about dating...leeteuk inadvertently says he is in one? well no...this is where the misunderstandings kick in. 

Part 2:

part 3 highlights:

talk about human trafficking in asia
leeteuk talks about the 2007 car accident
talk about connecting with fans via twitter
discuss anti-fans ofc
whether or not suju will break up and the 5 year curse

Part 3:

so awesome that they were on cnn!
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