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Dongwan Release Interview + Gorgeous Ass Pictures

Q: How do you feel now that you've ended your 2-year military stint?

A: Hi, I'm Kim Dongwan. I've ended my 2-year military duty and now I'm returning as Kim Dongwan the singer. Thank you very much to the fans and reporters who've made your way here today.

Q: Is there any girl group that was a source of strength and motivation for you during your 2-year military stint?

A: KARA? (collective groans from fans as he laughs) The other day I was at Garosu-gil and I met Han Seungyeon and Kang Jiyoung who were filming. My friend said I was their senior and told me to get their autographs but I was too embarrassed so I didn't.

Q: What are your upcoming plans?

A: I'll be holding a fanmeeting on the 9th, and after that I'll be having some activities in Japan. There are also plans to appear on programs from January onwards. As for what program it will be, please stay tuned.

Q: Which member congratulated you on your discharge from military service?

A: There wasn't any member who really congratulated me.

Q: What advice did Eric, as your senior in public service, offer you?

A: He told me not to sit at my desk if I'm tired, and go to the bathroom to take a nap. There were a few occasions where I've slept while sitting on the toilet.

Q: Say something to Andy who's currently serving active duty.

A: Recently I've received a text message from him, and he said that he's really finding it tough, and he even slept when he was in full battle order. I feel really bad that he's going through all this on behalf of his hyungs, and I hope he will stay healthy and complete his duties safely.

Q: What are the plans for Shinhwa's group activities?

A: I've been looking at some groups on programs. Our members will probably be ready by early or mid 2012. It's tiring to dance alone on stage, so I'd like to have 6 of us dancing. I'm working on it now.

(At about 00:28 you see a fan from Brunei passing him a gift with a card meant for Eric. He then asks her if she’s an Eric fan, she replies that she’s a Hyesung fan.)

Pictures (I only picked a select few. There's a ton more at the source)

Interview Source: SSTV
Translation: 수미 @ Absolut Shinhwa
Pic Sources: Absolut Shinhwa (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

January? OMG. Dongwan on programs in January?! *dies*
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