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Heechul Denies Being Gay, Performs King Wang Zzang With Defconn & Eunhyuk Sings U Go Girl (by Hyori)

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SuJu’s Kim Hee Chul takes an oath on ‘Radio Star’ + addresses gay rumors

Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul made a promise to viewers that he would not create any setbacks for as long as he is the fixed MC of MBC’s “Radio Star.”

On the December 8th episode, he stated, “As it is my first step as an MC, I will do my best.”

Fellow MC Kim Gura, who’s known to be quite strict during the inauguration process, added, “Let’s take an oath of ethical purity in celebration of our new DJ, Kim Hee Chul, and to show that he is ready for it. Kim Hee Chul, will you not drink and drive? Will you not use violence in whatever the situation? Will you not take on weird(?) hobbies?”

Kim Hee Chul pledged, “I will make sure nothing of that sort happens. I’ll get rid of every possibility that could lead to that.”

When the MCs demanded that he make sure Super Junior’s overseas activities wouldn’t interfere with the show’s recording, he answered, “I’m strict with managing my schedule.”

Yoon Jong Shin whipped out his scare tactics by further adding, “Shin Jung Hwan once appeared on the show with crutches, and I, too, once appeared even after undergoing hemorrhoidectomy. ‘Radio Star’ only acknowledges sick leaves, so make sure you don’t skip work and do your best.”

By this time, the atmosphere on the show was pretty intense and it kicked up a notch after Kim Gura dug into some gay rumors surrounding Kim Hee Chul. He asked, “Some time ago, I heard that Kim Hee Chul was gay. Someone came up to me and said, very seriously, that Mithra and Kim Hee Chul were gay, so I wanted to ask him myself.”

Yoon Jong Shin added his own speculation with, “If you look on Twitter, you can feel Def Conn’s love for Hee Chul as well. It’s nearly on the level of glorification.”

Kim Hee Chul, much to his own amusement, replied, Macho men with beards usually really like me. Despite being an idol, I really like girls. You’ll see later when I get married.”

Kim Gura concluded, “It could be a disguise.”


Heechul & Defconn Perform King Wang Zzang (Heechul Goes Against 'The Man')


Eunhyuk Sings U Go Girl (and messes it up)

Heechul Article:
Source: TV Report #1, #2 via Nate & allkpop

Heechul & Defconn Video:
reilasj @ youtube

Eunhyuk Video:
only13suju @ youtube
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