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JYP NATION xmas carol BTS pictures +2PM @ FujiTV Tokudane


xmas carol shooting BTS


Taeccool : Us on Japanese newspaper!! Although not huge it's still amazing to be on them!!
We're back after completing our Japan schedule!! 2PM fighting!!

Khunnie0624@taeccool There's only one out of all of them that has your face on it... T_T
Don't be so shy and look at the camera!! Kkk

Taeccool@Khunnie0624 You already know that I'm actually afraid of cameras~kkk

We had 3 showcase performances. It all ended now, so we're going to have dinner.
I'm really thankful to everyone who came and cheered for us today. Thank you so much! Love you.
My bro said he's got discharged ^^


2PM) Hello, we're 2PM!
TY) Yes, as part of JYP Nation, us 2PM are going to perform in the JYP Nation concert, Teamplay!
2PM) Wow!!
CS) Yes, everyone!
NK) When is this?
CS) This is happening at the Gymnastics Stadium
2PM) Yes~
CS) On 24 December!
TY) Yes, the day before Christmas.
JS) For just one night!
TY) Yes, there are so many of us in the JYP Nation... Who are there~? First! We have JYP ajuhssi!
2PM) ......
TY) Ahahahaha! And 2PM, and...
TY) 2AM? Unfortunately, 2AM is unable to attend because of their concert. Anyways...
NK) Wonder Girls~
TY) We have Wonder Girls
NK) Miss A
TY) Miss A
NK) San E hyung
CS) San E
TY) San E hyung~ and Jeonghee nuna!
2PM) Yes~
JS) Lim Jeonghee!
JH) We're expecting special guests, too. We hope many of you will take part.
TY) Take part? We hope many will come.
JH) Please take part in our concert.
TY) This is a good chance to spend Christmas Eve with you guys! Yes, we'd love to be with you guys.
JS) Spending Christmas with JYP Nation! Ah, so enjoyable and warm...
JH) Uh, and...
NK) Warm~
JS) We, hahaha, let me talk! We'll be happy, won't we be, guys?
JH) Yes, when you come, you'll be able to know why it's Teamplay.
2PM) Ah~
TY) And there will be "Bad Party" by Jinyoung-ie hyung after the Teamplay.
JS) Wooyoung hasn't said a word.
WY) Yes yes, please give lots of love to Dream High!
2PM) Hahahahahaha! This was, 2PM! Thank you.
2PM) Teamplay~

2PM Live on FujiTV Tokudane


This is Ryogoku Kokugikan. What is written on these many flags are not the names of Hakuhodo, Kisenosato (sumo wrestlers) but 2PM, 2PM, 2PM~!

(Mukimuki touches Taecyeon’s muscles)
Ka) Ohhhh, very hard, hard! This is awesome~
(Khun touches his muscles)
Ka) Ohhh!

Using their muscles which is not a common concept for artists as their weapon, 2PM has ended the raving year of KPOP artists in 2010.
(Female presenters screaming as they rip their shirts)

Fan1) I didn’t use to like people with bulky bodies but when I saw 2PM I thought, wow, this is good~
Ka) Who do you like out of the members?
Fan2) I like Taecyeon.
Ka) Thought so. I saw him just now.
Fans) What? Really?
Fan2) He’s bigger than you, Mr Karube, right?
Ka) Of course~
Fan2) Oh my god, so handsome .Just now, I imagined him standing next to you, thinking he’s talled than you.
Ka) I’m 174cm and Taecyeon is 185cm.
Fan2) Oh my god, so awesome I’m dying

Ka) What made you become a fan of 2PM?
Fans) (One, two~) Muscles. Hehehehe
Fan3) You can still see the muscles show over their clothes! Taecyeon has the best muscles.
Fan4) Junsu is the one who can sing the best.

That’s right, even the members had the same opinions.
Taecyeon) (In Japanese) Junsu-ssi’s voice is very beautiful.

(Sings a line from I’ll be back)
The song that the main vocalist Junsu had just sung is their newest song released in Korea called [I’ll be back] and this is the ending to it.
Female presenter) Wow~Although it has not been released in Japan yet, it is already popular amongst young children.

Ka) Which 2PM song do you like?
5yr old fan) I’ll be back. I dance to it whenever I hear the song.
2yr old fan) (Doing the shuffle dance with his thumb up)

Taecyeon) We are happy to be performing at a place where real battles happen and we’ll show you the best that no one can ever compare too.

Fan6) I’m from Tottori.
Ka) Did you come early in the morning?
Fan6) No, even earlier than that…
Ka) When?
Fan6) On Monday.
Ka) Then what did you do on Monday and Tuesday?
Fan6) Went to Shin-Okubo, had a look at 2PM goods, went to Karaoke to sing and feel hyped up… I’m all prepared.
Fan7) This is the only reason I live. 

-Fans from Nagano
Fan8) we’re sisters.
Ka) Ah, I see~ Who became a 2PM fan first?
Fan9) Mum did.
Ka) How about today?
Fan8) She’s here but our brother is preparing for his university entrance exam so she wants to avoid being on TV…
Studio: Laughs

-Fans from Kanagawa
Ka) What is 2PM to you?
Fan10) They’re the best for the emptiness that Dong Bang Shin Ki has left us.
Fan11) Yes yes, they filled the empty heart. There was a cold wind in our hearts.

Ka) Where are you from?
Fan12) Fukuoka in Kyushyu. I like Nichkhun.

Ka) How often do you come to Tokyo?
Fan12) 3 times this months, twice next month and coming back again in March next year. There is an event with Kim Hyunjung next month so I’m coming back. Then at the end of January there’s another event with Joo Yoomin.
Ka) No signs of Japanese names…
Fan12) I’m signed up for Arashi fanclub in Japan.
Studio: Laughs

25,000 people gathered for the 3 performances of 2PM’s live concert. Fans are much happy about their performance and muscles.
(Studio: Wow, amazing…After the live show. They are called beastly-dols but in actual fact, they are kind and sensitive.

Fan service of shaking 14 people’s hands out of 25,000.“I like you.”“I really like you ”“Don’t cry.”

Ka) Your feelings now?
Fan13) I just told Wooyoung how I feel,
Ka) What did you tell him?
Fan13) That I like him. So he said “yes, yes”.
Fan14) His hand was soft.

There were 3 performances at Ryogoku Gokugikan yesterday. I only saw one but female fans in front and side of me were screaming their hearts out~ It was a really hot response. Most were young ladies but there were some older women, too. And like someone said earlier about Dong Bang Shin Ki… Now that they’ve become like that, the fans have had cold wind blowing in their hearts. But then I thought, ah~ so 2PM are the ones that filled that emptiness.

Female presenter) Their muscles are like…
Male presenter) Even the female presenters in the studio were like “ahhhhh” when they ripped their shirts off.
Female presenter) It was shocking. There’s no idol like this in Japan.

Female presenter2) And you can feel their muscles are hard even though they’re wearing suits.
Female presenter) I was also worried they might fall.
Male presenter) The things they talk about are as expected. Another fun point about 2PM is that their fans are not reluctant about revealing their true feelings.

Ka) The lady who comes everytime from Fukuoka is a 51 year old grandma.
Presenters) What
? Ka)She has a grandchild and is a fan of many people. She’s signed up for Arashi fanclub, and I really felt that fans are very passionate and positive. This was 2PM.

messtrans by haeda
mapu271+here  engtrans@2pmalways
junsupic trans hadae, xmascarol,twittstrans by egle
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