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This is a flawless foursome(and KARA) post. I AMs get in here.

Jo Kwon reflects on 2AM’s ‘Golden Disk Award’ wins</font>

2AM received the "Digital Music Daesang" and "Digital Music Bonsang" at the 25th Golden Disk Awards yesterday, and leader Jo Kwon has expressed his feelings about the win via Twitter.

Jo Kwon uploaded photos of the members holding the trophy, and wrote, "Incredible.. I can't believe it.. I tried to hold in my tears, but seeing our fans, I was overcome with thanks that my tears started flowing.. ㅠㅠ I AM! We’re singers who have received a daesang >_<".

He continued, "I'm very thankful to receive the 'Digital Music Daesang' and 'Digital Music Bonsang'. In return, we will create even better music."

Congratulations to 2AM!

Fancam @ GDA

Changmin and Jinwoon @ FM4U Yoon Deo Hyun Date at 2PM Radio

KARA and 2AM play the daring ‘pepero game’

The members of KARA and 2AM took part in a thrilling game involving Pepero during their appearances on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3.

The two teams showed off their talents in a variety of couple match-up games, eventually leading to the birth of the ‘Gyuri-Jun Hyun Mu‘ couple, ‘Han Seung Yeon-Jo Kwon‘ couple, ‘Goo Hara-Seulong‘ couple, ‘Nicole-Jinwoon‘ couple, and the ‘Kang Ji Young-Changmin’ couple.

For this particular challenge, each couple was asked to hold a single large pepero between their mouths, and chomp as much as they possibly could. Because it involves forcing two acquaintances to move their faces closer and closer until they possibly kiss, the couple who can overcome their awkwardness and leave the shortest pepero stick would be declared as the winners of the challenge.

Before her match with Jo Kwon, Seung Yeon shyly confessed, “My skin isn’t in good condition lately, this is a bit pressuring.

The two showed much determination for their match, getting as close to the center of the stick possible. Although they managed to leave 3.5cm, they lost to the Goo Hara-Seulong couple, who left 2.3cm of their pepero.

Check out the hilarious videos below!



Gyuri/Jun Hyun Mo


cr: AKP, AKP, & 2IIAM
Source: Newsis via Nate
Pictures: Jo Kwon’s twitter 1, 2, & imbc
Videos: hotmail779 & eugenee2

just checked, they're still flawless
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