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‘Invincible Youth’ to continue next year with season two!

KBS 2TV’s variety program, “Invincible Youth,” will be touching viewers’ hearts once more with a second season.


Kim Sang Ho PD revealed to Star News on December 10th, “The show is not going to be discontinued. Viewers can take it as an end to season one. We will soon be seeing our viewers once again next year through a second season.”

The show first aired in October as a unique program that had various girl groups working on farms; currently, the final episode for ’season one’ is waiting to air on December 24th.

Meanwhile, the producer continued, “We’re not discontinuing the show because of low viewer ratings. There’s been a lot of conflicting schedules due to girl groups like KARA expanding their activities overseas. It was difficult to take out some of the fixed members, so we decided to end season one for now. There’s a lot of trust being placed on the worth of the ‘Invincible Youth’ brand. After discussions with other producers, everyone agreed to end season one and go ahead with season two next year.”

Regarding the content of season two, he revealed, “We’ll be continuing with the farm village concept, but we won’t just be sticking to girl groups. Boy bands may be participating, but specifics aren’t confirmed yet.”

I didn't even know season 1 is ending. ;__;
Hopefully IY2 won't get the treatment that FO2 got.

cr: Star News
trans: AKP

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