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Rookie group CN Blue thankful after winning a Bonsang + update on 3rd j-single

CN BLUE was awarded the Digital Music Bonsang at the 25th Golden Disk Awards.

On winning, CNBLUE members expressed,
We have not debuted for long and to receive such a big award like this, really thank you very much.”

They also expressed, “Thank you to the members and also to all of our parents. We will work even harder to become a great band.”
“To the fans who are always cheering for CNBLUE, and to the staff behind the scenes who always supported us, thank you very much. We haven’t debuted for long but thank you very much for your love and support. We (promise we) will be a great band.”

with ft island and supreme team:

the magnaes tweet from backstage:

"Boice, thank you very much ♥ Mom, dad, love you! We’ll be back after we perform!"

Arriving on the red carpet:

CNBlue's official japanese website posted an update on CNBlue's 3rd japanese single:


Track list:
1. Try again, Smile again
2. Don't say good bye
3. kimio
4. Try again, Smile again (Instrumental)

Release date: January 9, 2011

credit to, twitter, codeazzurro 1 2(trans),, cnbluesoul
Tags: award show, c.n blue, f.t island, social media/youtube

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