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Jo Kwon sends his support to wifey @ BEG concert

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2AM’s Jo Kwon showed support for his ‘wife’ Ga-In for Brown Eyed Girls’ solo concert which was held recently on December 10th.

On the day of the concert, Ga-In wrote on the Adam couple’s me2day, “Thank you to everyone who came to our concert today. There was a lot of things we lacked but we’ll do our best tomorrow… I think I might pass out from tiredness. Goodnight.”

The photo she uploaded was a picture of Jo Kwon’s bouquet of flowers, with a card that read, “Congratulations BEG on your concert.”

On the same day, Ga-In also wrote to Kwon, “Congrats on your Daesang yesterday. I was so surprised when you came to the concert without even telling… To think you did that… Thank you, really, I was touched.”

Not only did Kwon send her a bouquet, but fans also took pictures of a great floral wreath that was presented in the foyer.

source: allkpop

Continue being cute, Adam couple. Okay? :)
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