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B2uty stampede at the B2st Concert

It was reported that B2ST had to pause their concert about 20 minutes into their show due to a stampede of spectators in the standing section of the venue.

B2ST opened their first independent ‘Welcome to B2ST Airlines‘ concert on December 12th, and over 8000 enthusiastic fans were in attendance, but some of them may have been a bit too excited.

Before the concert even began, the 2000 fans in the standing section were not abiding to the ordering system and were creating a dangerous situation for surrounding fans. The situation became more severe once the members actually came out, as the fans began to stampede to the front, worrying the members.

After their beginning performances of ‘Special‘ and ‘Soom‘, the members asked the fans to “be careful,” and urged the fans to be more safe. However, as soon as they saw the members walking out onto the projected stage, the 1000 fans in the standing C section moved further towards the front.

As a result, B2ST had to pause the concert after performing ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Mystery‘ due to fears of possibly creating a great accident in the standing section.

So after 20 minutes of performing their first four tracks, the members went backstage for 10 minutes to allow for the reorganization of the seating sections of the concert.

When the members returned back on stage, leader Yoon Doojoon said, “There was an accident during our performance. We’d like to apologize first and foremost.” Son Dongwoon also expressed, “Since we will be getting closer, we’ll be thankful if everyone refrains from moving closer and abides by the ordering system.” From then onwards, the crowd stayed calm and let B2ST continue on with their ‘Mystery’ performance.

Source: allkpop

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