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Park Jin Young caught in a controversy over Jay Park & Sidus HQ CEO Jung Hoon Tak


Tweets from the CEO of Sidus HQ Entertainment, Jung Hoon Tak, swearing at JYP Entertainment’s producer Park Jin Young, have become the center of a heated controversy.

On December 10th, CEO Jung left two short but very direct messages for Park Jin Young. In the first, he uploaded a picture of JYP along with the initials for ‘son of a b*tch.’ The director then posted a second picture of Park Jin Young with the short-form to the swear words, ‘f***ing a**hole‘. The message went on to state, “Until when are you going to continue living like that? ”

CEO Jung’s tweets are speculated to have sourced from Park Jin Young’s comments about Park Jaebeom - 2PM’s former leader who is now signed under Sidus HQ – during his appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Win Win“. The producer apparently implied that Park Jaebeom had truly made a mistake.

According to the audience members who were present during the recording, Park Jin Young made the following statement regarding Park Jaebeom’s withdrawal: “What our company revealed is the truth. We have already told the truth so we have nothing more to say.”

On December 10th, Park Jin Young formally apologized via JYP Entertainment’s official homepage:

“Hello. It’s been a while since I personally wrote a message like this. I’ve decided to write one because of my upset feelings.

During a TV recording, conversation shifted to the problem of 2PM’s member change that had taken place earlier this year. I tried to avoid answering it, but I did say a few things regarding my thoughts on the issue. I had already asked them to avoid asking such things before the recording so I thought it would be okay, but they asked so suddenly, so I was a bit surprised.

I requested once more to delete the segment, but it seems as if those at the set have already spread an exaggerated rumor of what happened.

I would like to apologize for bringing up a story that has caused so many pain to so many people. Everything should come to a beautiful end, so it is upsetting that I must write a message like this. I’ll be making sure to greet all of you with a more careful stance.“

Netizens said, “Park Jin Young, we can never believe anything you say about Park Jaebeom,” “Do not mess with Park Jaebeom,” and “He’s the one that threw him away, why is he still talking about him?”

After JYP’s apology, CEO Jung tweeted again, “I was thoughtless.. TT “The biggest form of punishment is silence. No matter what he says, you should never speak of him, train him, teach him, or converse about anything with him. It’s a punishment that makes him become someone that does not even exist.”

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate , SPN via Nate
ource : Allkpop

Sidus HQ CEO & JYP’s heated ‘history’ escalates with rumors of Jay Park’s “Secret Garden” miscast

After Sidus HQ Entertainment’s CEO, Jung Hoon Tak, left insulting statements against JYP Entertainment’s producer, Park Jin Young, many have been confused about what had happened between the two for the situation to reach such an apex. Various Korean media outlets have dug up a bit of background information in order to explain the tensions between the two company heads.

CEO Jung is a widely recognized and respected figure in the industry who had previously expressed his issues with Park Jin Young after signing Park Jaebeom with his company this past July.

During this time, JYP Entertainment released the following official statement: “We’re suspicious of Sidus HQ’s ulterior motive in taking a singer we terminated, and promoting them. It’s a violation of business ethics.”

Sidus HQ representatives responded, “A talented singer was forced to drop his dreams due to an unfortunate event. We merely want to give him another chance.” CEO Jung also went ahead and complimented Park Jaebeom at any given chance, affectionately nicknaming the star his “Giant Baby.”

The problem lies in the fact that this high tension between the two companies has not yet receded. While Jaebeom remained low-key, the media alleges that obstacles continued to block his path, with the most recent involving a casting decision for SBS’s weekend drama, “Secret Garden.”

Apparently, Sidus HQ put forth their top stars - Jang Hyuk, Kim Sarang, and Jaebeom – as potential actors for “Secret Garden”, but was unable to receive a positive response from SBS due to pressure from JYP Entertainment.

There are allegations that JYP Entertainment supposedly threatened SBS by stating that if they should they cast Jaebeom for “Secret Garden,” JYP Entertainment would be pulling all of their artists from SBS programs, essentially boycotting the entire company. Other entertainment companies backed up JYP Entertainment’s stance, forcing a strain on SBS’s variety and drama team.

Eventually, the producers of “Secret Garden” caved under the pressure and cast Hyun Bin in place of Jang Hyuk and Jaebeom. Industry representatives have since nicknamed the controversy as “the happening that scratched Jung’s pride,” and “Park Jin Young’s uncool solution.”

As KBS2TV’s “Win Win” became the catalyst for this animosity between the two heads, PD Yoon Hyun Joon disclosed to Newsen on December 10th, “The information revealed on the internet regarding Park Jin Young on the show’s recording yesterday was exaggerated and distorted. Park Jin Young was practical and only talked about the basic points. All he said, very carefully, was that Park Jaebeom’s withdrawal was an inevitable decision.”

He continued, “A recording is one form of editing. We don’t believe that a problem should arise from what someone said during the recording process. Please try to be understanding of the final product. I don’t believe that Jung Hoon Tak’s swearing on his Twitter is related to the ‘Win Win’ recording. It’s hard for me to understand him.”

Jung Hoon Tak has since deleted his tweets regarding the controversy.

Again, the points raised above are all heated allegations, and nothing has been confirmed at this time 

/popcorns. Well, as a Jwalker I know that Jay surely doesn't feel affected by that at all, I'm just waiting for JYPE to get over it and let him shine. It will happen one day or another, they can't be forever like that. But what annoys me a lot is that Jang Hyuk couldn't have the role because of that, it bothers me that it reaches another person's career as well. =(
Also, even if those were immature words said by the CEO, I trust him more than before because of that... It shows that he does feel deeply involved in his career's artist. Or not, idk, I prefer to be optimistic.
And his business ethic or whatever he can put it in the place I'm thinking about rn.
This moment of the broadcast will be cut won't it. 
Btw, I wonder if it reminds you of the day a perf of Jay at a festival should have been broadcasted and the PD announced on twitter that they felt so sorry toward the fans because they couldn't do it, without any explanations.

ALSO BEAST FANS, Kikwang is beeing blamed by netizens because he didn't defend J. I think he wasn't able to do it in his position, it would have been very disrespectful toward JYPE, after all he is a senior LOL. I'm sure he would have been even more blamed than now. 

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate, Newsen via Nate
Source :

Jay wasn't supposed to have Hyun Bin's role. It was Jang Hyuk. Jay was supposed to play "Ssun" another character.
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