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Dara Park thanks her Filipino fans, thankfully not in Jejemon

2NE1's "Go Away" MV is currently NUMBER ONE on the following MYX Countdowns:

#1 - MYX HIT CHART (December 12-18)
#1 - MYX INTERNATIONAL TOP 20 (December 11-17)
#1 - MYX DAILY TOP 10 (December 7,8,9,10 & 13)

Dara Park found out about their being #1 here in the Philippines and tweeted this message on her me2day account:

"Mabuhay!!!Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat! Nag no.1 daw ang“Go away” sa myx!!!Wow!!!Ang saya saya ko!!!Hehehe miss so kau sobra!Wag nyo ko kalimutan!"

(Mabuhay! Thanks to all of you! I've heard that "Go Away" went number 1 on MYX! Wow! I'm very very happy! He he he I miss all of u so much! Please do not forget me!)

Here's her Korean message:

"고어웨이~! 가 필리핀 음악채널인 myx에서 1등을 했대요!! ^_^ 항상 잊지않고 응원해주는 필리핀팬분들께 고맙다는말 전했어요! 앞으로도 잊지말라규~ 꼭 가고싶네요 멤바들델꾸~! 아 훈훈해!!! Mahal ko kayo!!!"

"Go Away~! Number 1 on the myx Philippine music channel!! ^_^ I’m always thankful for the support from the Philippines~ I want to go~! Ah, so warm!!! Mahal ko kayo (I love you all)!!!"

Source:  Universal Records on Facebook, Dara's Me2Day

To those who wonder what Jejemon is...
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