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Eric's Comeback, Passionate Acting Shown In Kunsan

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Shinhwa member and actor Eric (real name Mun Junghyuk) shows his commitment to acting in Kunsan.

On December 13th, an official told star news "Eric has completed his military service and started filming for the new drama "Poseidon" last month. Eric is in Kunsan right now where most of his filming will take place. Eric hasn't acted in long time, so he has emerged himself into this filming."

In this specific role Eric has to do swimming scenes, so to accomplish a better performance he decided with a lot of enthusiasm to learn how to swim again.

In the drama "Poseidon" Eric is maritime police officer "Kim Seonwoo" who gets recruited by a special task team. In this role a very tough manly appearance will be presented.

This special task team marine police will have the presence of Eric, Yunho, Kim Kangwoo, Kim Wookbin, and Jeon Hyebin as part of the popular stars that were casted.

The drama will air next year in 2011. And the broadcaster is still undecided. In charge of this drama is "all in" PD Yu Cheolyong and Director Yeon Chuleul.

Eric was released from his compulsory military service at the Seoul Jamshil Olympic Stadium in October.

Source: Rubylovefaith@shinhwa.biz

Eric and Yunho in a drama together. I am excite!

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