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Nicole proves her haters are jealous, pathetic and kicks puppies

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The ladies of SBS’s “Heroes” opened a one-day restaurant a few weeks back in order to garner considerable profits, which they would then donate 100% of to a charitable organization that helps starving children. The episode finally broadcasted on December 12th, and viewers got to see how the women were divided up in order to cook the food.

KARA’s Nicole, IU, Shin Bong Sun, No Sa Yeon, Yoo In Na, and Narsha were on the ‘tonkatsu’ team and showed much determination in getting all of the orders completed under the directions of Shin Bong Sun.

Nicole in particular stood out from her teammates as her tireless work ethic drove her on to work hard to complete her task; she concentrated so furiously on frying the meat properly that she didn’t even rest, despite the fact that the task took up hours. Whenever she made a minor mistake, she would immediately apologize and attempt to remedy the situation.

Viewers were especially impressed with how wholeheartedly Nicole threw herself into her work, without a single care for sullying her pretty idol image. She was often seen furrowing her brows or cringing as she concentrated on her station. Nicole even burned her hand at one point after quickly picking up a piece of meat that had just been fried, due to the delay in orders going out.

Although those around her worried by asking if she was okay and told her to take a break by washing her hands, Nicole said that she was okay and continued working in her station.

Viewers left glowing responses to her work ethic with, “Nicole really was working hard. She wasn’t like an idol at all,” “I saw how genuine Nicole was, I was almost upset for her,” and “It must’ve been hard staying in front of the hot oil like that all day, she’s amazing.”

Although Nicole had oil splattered all over face, her hair in a tangled mess, and her hand was burnt, viewers were moved by how much more beautiful she was there by the deep fryer than on stage.

[Fancam] Nicole working and greeting her fans who went to the restaurant: 

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Nicole Cuts from the recent episode:

Part 1
Part 2 (Nicole fangirls Seungho during IU's phonecall) - YT
Part 3
Part 4 (Chef Cole and Shin Bong Sun man the Kitchen)

Oh because Nicole is cute, Making of her Vocamaster CF:

Article Source: Allkpoop, MyDaily via Nate
Video Sources: Ournickorii, KaraTV2

What is to expected of a girl who is everyone's bff and who's motto is "Effort does not betray you. If it ever did, that means [you] didn’t put in enough effort." This is why she is my bias, soo precious. 
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