chris (jonghyunf) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Choi Hee Jin sentenced to 2 years in PRISON!!!

Composer Choi Hee Jin, who was previously arrested for attempted blackmail, has received a two-year prison sentence for her crimes.

The Seoul Central District Court ruled on the morning of December 14th that Choi Hee Jin defamed Tae Jin Ah and Eru by spreading false rumors, and attempted to extort money from them.

Prosecutors stated, “Choi Hee Jin requested money for an abortion after lying about her pregnancy. The Cho family has been largely affected by this case.” Although prosecutors previously asked for a five-year sentence, the court came to a final judgment on two years instead, due to a repentant letter Choi wrote explaining her regret in her actions, and how she is reflecting on her behavior.

Before making a final ruling, Judge Song Byung Joon revealed, “Choi has acknowledged her mistake in the form of three letters. Choi’s mother has sent a letter asking for favorable arrangements as well.”

Choi had wrote, “I made a mistake in an emotional moment. I am deeply regretting my actions. At a young age, my parents divorced and I was forced to support my family.”

source: allkpop and Nate

i thought choi hee jin was the father at first, lol
Tags: scandals

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