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BEAST Concert: hours before their wish comes true

“From the recycled group to the rediscovered.” This was the statement that was included in the video was show at the first concert ‘Welcome to Beast Airline’ on December 12th at the Seoul Jamsil Stadium. Gathering the six members who failed after a debut with another team, who was eliminated in a reality program, who has their management close down due to money problems while they were still trainees, and more, BEAST was able to successfully complete their first concert in only a year and two months since debut. Before the 3 hour concert started, we met with them who were now facing their first upcoming dream to show of the energy they had been storing up.

Q Your comments on having this first concert? And if you can explain the performance’s concept.
Doojoon : Before debut, when anyone asked us for our wish or goals during an interview, getting first place was one thing, but before we said that a solo concert will be our biggest goals and we only have a few hours left until that. We are all really nervous, anticipating, and excited.
Yoseob : The performance concept is ‘Welcome to BEAST Airline’. With the 6 of us as the flight attendants, we will be going on a vacation with the fans who are the passengers. We are a bit sad since we had to prepare this in between the busy schedules, but we prepared an exact replica of our actual stage in a gymnasium and practiced over 6 six hours every day.

“You will be able to see more of Dongwoon and Yoseob’s cuteness”

Q We heard that each of the members will pair up to reveal a duet song, what is that about?
Dongwoon : We will be revealing a new songs with Junhyung hyung and Yoseob hyung, Kikwang hyung and Hyunseung hyung, and Doojoon hyung and I as pairs. We talked to the composers about the music and our voice color and each of the members participated in the composing and writing of the song.

Q We are wondering if there is a stage prepared just for the fans.
Dongwoon : On the music shows we usually performed the title song and follow up songs, but for the concert we prepared new choreography and versions with the others songs in the album.
Yoseob : The song ‘Thank you’ which Junhyung and I will be singing was composed and written thanking the fans so I believe that it will be very meaningful.
Kikwang : And you will probably be able to see more of Dongwoon and Yoseob’s cuteness. (Laughs)

Q What kind to response did the sunbaes working with you guys on variety shows express when you told them about the concert?
Kikwang : I told the MBC ‘Hot Brothers’ hyungnims, but since they are busy people and the KBS hyungnims congratulated me, telling me to do well.
Doojoon : I really wanted to invite the actors from MBC , but since today was the filming, sadly I couldn’t invite anyone. I really wanted to have Kim Kapsoon and Kim Youngoak sunbaes so I can show them my singing side, but I’m really sad I couldn’t. I will for sure next time though!

Q You guys were awarded the Rookie Award, passed 100,000 albums in album sales, and was able to hold your first solo concert. Out of these which are you the most happy about?
Dongwoon: It would have to be today. Others are happy and exciting things, but today was really the moment the six of us dreamed of since trainee times, so I think having a solo concert with BEAST’s name would have to be the most meaningful.
Doojoon : It’s been little more than a year since debut, but everything was a dream for us even in the debut times. We wondered if we could even do a concert, have any fans who would love our album, but thankfully, they were all happy thoughts. We are always thankful for all the love everyone gives us and we will work hard to return that favor in an acceptable amount.
Yoseob : I am proud that we release 4 albums in the course of one year. Even though we were all physically tired, but I am happy that the albums are a plus in displaying who BEAST it’s and own color.
Hyunseung : It would have to be the solo concert. Like what they had said earlier, it was the stage everyone was dreaming about and we planned out everything carefully and practiced a lot too. We don’t want to disappoint anyone who came to see us, so I will do everything today.
Junhyung : Even though all three of those things are happy things, if I have to choose one out of the three, it would have to be the solo concert. Until yesterday we prepared with overwhelming pressure, but that ended yesterday, and I’m happy that in a few moments we will be able to show an awesome stage.

“We want to try more genres such as variety, radio DJ, and acting”

Q Is there anyone you guys receive advice or get help from in the midst of the busy schedules?
Junhyung : Instead of specifically having someone, we always talk about a lot between each other.
Yoseob : We talk a lot among the members, and when we talk to the dancing teachers, much of our worry disappears, but overall, we are the type to talk about it and solve it together.

Q You guys completed the recent showcase in Japan well. Are you guys practicing your Japanese and which member is the best at it?
Junhyung : When we don’t have schedules we are getting lessons and between the members its like measuring the height of an acorn, (laughs) but Dongwoon and Yoseob are better at it.

Q There are some members active through sitcoms and variety shows. What are some of the solo activities that each of you guys want to try?
Yoseob : Everyone has something they want, but BEAST moves together as a group. I want to be a radio DJ and want to learn more about writing and composing, but I am waiting for that chase to come sometime.
Dongwoon: I want to get a driver license. So I can really go for a solo activity.. (Laughs)
Junhyung : Watching Doojoon or Kikwang doing sitcoms and variety shows, it seems really hard and I’m thankful that they are doing so well. Currently I don’t have the confidence that I will do better then those two so I will work harder hoping that my chance will come naturally.
Hyunseung : There are many different pathways, but like my personality, I don’t invest time in reinventing myself except music and dancing wise. Usually when I have time I just do dancing and singing practices so if I do get a chance where I can do both singing and dancing well, I want to release a solo album. Before that though, I want to work hard in BEAST and be loved even more.
Kikwang : I debuted in acting with MBC and thanks to a good opportunity, I was able to participate in the MBC drama. In the future, instead of Seho, I will be able to visit everyone as Kikwang. Also, I will show different sides as a BEAST member.
Doojoon : After debut, it feels like I have done a little bit of everything. Singing, variety, radio DJ, acting, and more. In the future I want to take a try of each genre more professionally. What the genre is, it doesn’t scare me. I will work hard. Comedian? I say yes. (Laughs)

“We hope that in 2011, BEAST will be known more widely in a friendly fashion”

Q If there is a positive side that only BEAST has compared to other male groups?
Doojoon : Even when we look at the styles of the six members it is different, but on the stage that actually matches well. Since we are all friends except Dongwoon, the communication process is easier and even though we don’t get to meet our school friend often, the members become your beast friend and companion making the overall teamwork better.

Q If there is a next goal after the solo concert?
Doojoon : Next year as well, we will work hard to receive even more love from the public. We thought we accomplished the concert goal, but if we get the chance we want to do even more concerts. Overseas at other Asian countries, we want to do solo performances instead of just showcases. We want to let even more people to know who we are.

Q You guys have been running nonstop until now since debut, but what does Asia mean for BEAST? And any plans for 2011?
Junhyung : After debuting in Korea, we realized that many overseas fans are giving their attention to us. We realized that we had to give back a lot in return and we will continue to visit in order to gain more love. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and anywhere we go, it feels like there is a never changing love. Also we hope that in 2011, BEAST will be known more widely in a friendly fashion. We always say this, but we will work even harder to show new and hardworking sides of us.

source: 10ASIA
trans: aoistars @ B2R

flawless six remain flawless 
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